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Adjustable beds can help with Acid Reflux and muscle aches – by

No Comments 29 November 2010

Adjustable beds can help with Acid Reflux and muscle aches

Almost everyone has seen and knows about adjustable beds. These are the kind of beds used in hospitals that have all the adjustments to allow for maximum comfort. Although some can be adjusted manually, most beds in use today are electrically operated by the user. There are many reasons why you should consider an adjustable bed. COMFORT: As we age, our sleeping preferences change. Some people prefer several pillows to raise their head. Others place pillows under their knees to relieve back stress. An adjustable bed removes the limitations of using pillows to put your body in a comfortable position. A simple push of a few buttons and your bed is set to it’s most comfortable position. USABILITY: Bedrooms have changed a lot over the years becoming not only a place to sleep but a get away oasis for many. Many master bedrooms are now equipped with full sized televisions and even entertainment centers. The latest in master suite designs also add a fireplace for that romantic though practical touch. Watching that television or enjoying the fireplace however can be uncomfortable from a typical flat bed. The reason is that a flat bed only allows for a single position. An adjustable bed allows full range of motion that can put you in the most comfortable position to actually enjoy your bedroom retreat. Watching television or enjoying the fireplace is easily accomplished by adjusting your bed to a reclining position. Your bed can literally become the most comfortable chair in the house for watching TV, reading or just relaxing. BETTER SLEEP: Unlike typical flat beds, an adjustable bed can be adjusted to match your most comfortable sleeping position. Backaches disappear and there’s no need for those pillows under your legs to straighten out your spine. One of the most rapidly growing ailments for many of us is Acid Reflux disease. Acid reflux is caused by the flap between the esophagus and stomach not sealing completely. In a flat bed, this condition may allow stomach acid to back up into the esophagus and throat, giving a sense of choking or drowning. It’s also most unpleasant as it also usually ends up causing a deep burning sensation of the esophageal lining. One successful method to limit this condition while sleeping is to use gravity. By raising your head, the sloping position limits the ability of stomach acid to travel back up the esophagus, thereby limiting the sleep disruption capacity of the disease. Instead of trying to prop several pillows up to keep your head raised, an adjustable bed makes it easy and much more comfortable to sleep. So in the end, if you enjoy your bedroom as a personal retreat or just want a better, more comfortable nights sleep, then consider an adjustable bed.

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adjustable beds

Adjustable Beds are Stress Busters – by Emmanuel DeFreitas

No Comments 26 November 2010

Adjustable beds are stress busting wonder machines. Quite a statement to make until you sit back and examine precisely what stress is and how an adjustable bed can help you cope with it. The first thing to keep in mind is that there are millions of people who have absolutely no stress at all and have no need whatsoever for an adjustable bed. You can find many of them by visiting any cemetery. These people do not suffer from stress because they are all dead. You see, life and stress go hand in hand and the amount of stress you are under is a great indicator of exactly how alive you actually are.
We all need a certain amount of stress in our lives in order to function normally. Stress is a form of natural conditioning from way back in the days of old when an adjustable bed meant moving rocks and boulders around and our primary daily concern was evading predators that wanted to eat us. There is little that I can think of that would elicit the natural fight or flight reaction than coming face to face with a hungry pack of lions. Like our ancestors, today’s stress factors make our heartbeat speed up, our blood pressure increase and our breathing quicken.
Most modern day stresses, however, do not call for either fight or flight. In the world of today, the scariest thing we will probably ever come across will be an angry, demanding boss or an overzealous tax collector. Our experience of stress is generally related to how we respond to an event, not to the event itself. When you feel out of control or under intense pressure, you may experience the physical, emotional, or relational symptoms brought on by negative stress. Anything we can do to alleviate negative stress will greatly improve our lives.
Adjustable beds are crafted in such a way as to lighten the aftermath of stressful, everyday situations. After a hard day, all you need to do is just lie down in an adjustable bed let the built in features pamper your body and mind back to normal. Adjust the head and foot levels using the remote control to the most comfortable position for your body. If you have no other feature on your adjustable bed, the sense of comfort you will experience by doing this alone should make you feel like a different person.
If your adjustable bed is equipped with heat and massage units, you are fortunate enough to be in a position to blow your stress back to the Stone Age. Turn on the vibrating feature on your adjustable bed and you have thousands of tiny, invisible fingers kneading away any tension built up over the day. Many adjustable beds have auto shut off motors that will turn off the vibrations after a set time, just in case you get too comfortable and fall asleep before you really wanted to. However, if your day was especially stressful, and you need a little more help to unwind, turn on your heat unit on the adjustable bed to add an additional level of mind-numbing comfort.
The massage unit on adjustable beds, or perhaps I should use the term electric adjustable beds, can also save you a lot of money over the course of the year. It could get rather expensive if you were the type of person who would go to the local spa for a full body massage whenever you needed to unwind. With an electric adjustable bed, you never have to book an appointment and it is always ready to administer that massage you need, whenever you need it. Sorry Inga, I really don’t want to take business away from you. I am just telling it as I see it.
The best thing we can do to help us cope and prepare for the stresses of modern times is to get good nights sleep. Once again an electric adjustable bed is the perfect instrument for providing an environment conducive to safe, long lasting, re-energizing, stress relieving sleep. An adjustable bed is the perfect antidote to that poor sleep robbing excuse for a bed many people spend one third of their lives in at night. After a good night sleep on an adjustable bed you will feel sharper both mentally and physically providing you with the ammunition you will need to get you through the day.
In conclusion, I would like to re-iterate that stress is an everyday sign that we are alive and doing the best we can. The only thing that I can recommend is not carrying harmful stress levels with us longer than we have to. Get the best adjustable bed you can afford and boot your stress levels as far away from you as possible. If you need an added giggle to help, just imagine our cave man ancestor adjusting the boulders and rocks for the first adjustable bed in history. We have come a long way.

Emmanuel DeFreitas is the administrator for Adjustable Bed Center providing detailed information on electric, medical, cheap, and used adjustable beds, as well as adjustable airbeds and adjustable bed reviews.

adjustable beds

Adjustable Beds and the Basics You Must Know – by

No Comments 24 November 2010

Adjustable Beds and the Basics You Must Know

Adjustable beds of most kinds come in 2 models, there are the auto-matic sorts and the semi auto products, these are great because it means that ill, frail and old people can easily operate them with simplicity. Quite clearly there are adjustable beds that are slightly more technical but these would usually be obtained by hospitals and medical institutions for the elderly. Adjustable beds are superb because of their many different qualities, you could suffer from a sever back condition or even an affliction like arthritis or rheumatism, these particular types of beds have proven very effective in helping ease these afflictions. The modern models are like something from a futuristic film and no matter how ill or incapacitated a soul may be a huge number of simple functions can be controlled from one easy to use control panel. You can get ton of accessories for these type of beds and all sorts of extras can be added to them, you can buy side rails and footrests and tray bars that can help those who need to eat from their bed. Such beds are extremely useful in hospitals as they can significantly aid the recovery of anyone who sleeps in them. Obviously beds that can be adjusted are great for those persons who are getting on in their years, the height adjustment capabilities they hold are particularly useful for people who suffer from chest problems. Pressure relief is another fantastic quality that electric adjustable beds can offer, many models are able to make automatic position adjustments, although these changes are minor they are enough to provide massive relief for those poor individuals who have to spend extensive periods of time in bed. An adjustable bed is something that is likely to be owned by an acquaintance but you just are simply unaware they have one, if a person you know has used one for a long time then they do not tend to talk about them, if though you find you know an adjustable bed user then ask them how they slept before they bought their present bed, this is when you will see the real picture. Unlike four poster beds or steel framed beds when purchasing an adjustable bed you will probably have to find a little extra cash to buy it with, adjustable beds due to their usefulness however generally tend to hold their value for a very long time indeed, to put it simply you will get your moneys worth when you purchase an adjustable bed. If money is a real big problem then you are advised to first find some online bed websites and check out some adjustable bed reviews and product guides, you should then go to an offline bed retailer to get some hands on instruction and guidance. Once you are content about the bed you will be buying you can then you can log on to the net and buy one from a low cost bed wholesaler, this is due to the fact that as a rule the online price tags will just about beat the prices being offered by of the non internet bed stores.

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Adjustable Beds and Tempurpedic – The Right Choice – by

No Comments 22 November 2010

Adjustable Beds and Tempurpedic – The Right Choice

There are some essential features which must be taken into consideration during the purchase of an adjustable bed. Checking the base of the bed is very important. It is the base that has the adjustable feature so proper working of its motor is necessary. The adjustable beds of reputed manufacturers will provide maintenance-free motors and at 1 year full warranty with 20+ years of limited warranty coverage. This will ensure your adjustable bed experience is stress-free and has long life. If you do not want to invest too much for a bed, then you can purchase a second-hand adjustable bed at a lower cost. This will also be an economical option suitable for some people. Do keep in mind though that most manufacturers only offer warranties to the initial purchaser. Check what options of movement the bed has and find out how it works. All adjustable beds will have a moving upper part, most have an adjustable leg section, and some even have a separate knee adjustment and height adjustment. Look at the cost factor as well. The retail price, shipping charges, handling costs etc. all have to be taken into consideration before buying the bed. There is vast information available about the adjustable beds in the market, and on the internet, which will make it easier for you to purchase one at a better price and research about the products as well. It will provide you comfort and relieve all the stress after hard day’s work and, most importantly, it will wake you up to a better tomorrow. A quality adjustable bed is a purchase you will not regret. Even younger individuals are finding that they sleep better and wake up more refreshed, and an adjustable bed is one piece of furniture you can expect to last for a long time. Adjustable beds can be configured to alter their shape in order to alleviate pain attributed to certain medical conditions and ailments. Some adjustable beds may qualify for a medical deduction. Physicians prescribe the use of an adjustable bed for a number of physical ailments and conditions. Check with your physician or health care professional and insurance company to see if you may qualify for a deduction on the purchase of your new adjustable bed and which types are covered. Adjustable beds are generally prescribed for individuals who suffer from acid reflux, debilitating back pain, hiatal hernias, sleep apnea and many work related injuries. In the event that either you or your loved one happens to have a problem with snoring, you will be ecstatic to know that an adjustable bed can alleviate or eliminate snoring from certain causes. If you’ve ever tried lying down on a Tempur-Pedic mattress you’ll have experienced how firm it felt when you first laid down on it, only to then immediately have experienced a sinking feeling as the mattress molded to your body shape. This is because memory foam is visco-elastic, meaning it uses your body heat to contour to and support your body. This makes memory foam unique from other mattresses and foams. Memory foam also differs from latex and foam because the bubbles found in latex and foam are closed, i.e. the air contained in each bubble can’t escape. The memory foam mattress developed by Tempur-Pedic uses an open cell structure whereby air can be passed from one bubble to the next when heat and pressure are applied. Tempur-Pedic mattresses are great for relieving backache, eliminating pressure points and eliminating disturbances from a partner’s movement. It feels quite different lying down on a memory foam mattress compared to an inner-spring mattress; with memory foam you get a slight sinking feeling when you first lie down on it as it molds to your body, with springs you have metal being pushed up against you while gravity pulls you down. The Tempur-Pedic mattress (as with all memory foam mattresses) has suffered from heat build-up in the past; naturally, memory foam is quite poor at drawing away body heat and many complained of sweaty nights. Tempur-Pedic and others looked at this problem and have developed more advanced memory foam that helps dissipate body heat by utilizing an open celled structure which allows for air movement. Tempurpedic mattresses are considered to be one of the finest-quality mattresses currently available in the market. These are very expensive, however, which means not everyone cannot afford it. While the amount charged may be worth the quality and comfort offered, todays consumer has many other options such as toppers and other manufacturers. It is advisable to shop for a memory foam mattress that has a density of at least 4 lb and up to 6 lbs as this is the range in which you will find the most comfortable and durable mattresses. A quality memory foam mattress of 5 lb normally last for more than 10 to 20 years. The content provided in this article is strictly for information purposes only and is not intended or designed to provide medical advice. If you have any medical questions that this article may have triggered, please consult your doctor or health care professional.

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Adjustable Beds and Sleep Number Bed to mitigate your Back Pain – by

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Adjustable Beds and Sleep Number Bed to mitigate your Back Pain

Adjustable Beds and Sleep Number Bed to mitigate your Back Pain Health Articles | January 17, 2009 The adjustable bed is so intentional that it can get familiar to your personal requirements. Most of the times the adjustable bed is used in the hospital environments whereby the patients are fully bed ridden. The Sleep Number Bed provides a gentle moderate of support which can be easily adjusted to your preference for comfort and firmness. Adjustable beds by their very existence as automatic marvels of design and function are perfectly adapted to improve many different symptoms associated with varied conditions that lead to back pain. If you suffer from lower back pain, your condition may be the result of a huge amount of causes, many of which the sufferer has no clue as to how they got them in the first place. The causes associated with back pain include muscle spasm or sprains, ligament sprains, joint problems or a slipped disk. Authentic physical disability from instances such as work related accidents are another well-known cause of back pain. In all these instances, an adjustable bed can help alleviate your sore aching back. There are other tips from medical advisors on relieving back pain. Heating pads are recommended to relax painful muscle spasms and medications such as Motrin, Aleve, Aspirin, Orudis and Tylenol, also reduce pain and swelling. Once again, an adjustable bed can help you! Some adjustable beds come equipped with comforting heating units built in. Some electric adjustable beds even have a vibrating feature to massage away that nagging sore back. As far as any relief you may get from taking medications, the adjustable bed manufacturers haven’t come up with anything to replace them yet. For more serious back conditions as in the case of a person with a devastating physical impairment, getting a hospital adjustable bed would be suitable. These adjustable beds are constructed far more sturdily in order to continual use in an acute care situation. ?One thing to remember, regardless of which adjustable bed you finally decide to buy, you will need a new adjustable bed mattress to go along with it. A mattress from an average flat bed will not fit or function properly on an adjustable bed. ? No matter if you are young or old, a piece that resembles a hospital bed is not aesthetically enjoyable for any bedroom. So it is important to choose one that looks inviting with its attractive looks and enjoyable features. Choose the bed that successfully hide the motors and flex points under decorated fabric covering interpretation it the look of a regular box spring or foundation cot. Almost everyone have sleeping problems at one point in their lives. The more exasperating thing is that, after experiencing an exasperating night failing to sleep well, the next day becomes very stress ridden. Sleeping and the difficulty of having a refreshing and restorative sleep can be closely associated with a number of diverse factors. It can be related with the food you eat during daytime. It can also be associated with stress and anxiety. Sleep can also be affected by the amount of noise and light that is in your room. All around the world, almost all of us use a bed for sleeping. Our beds are among the cherished facilities that assist us in falling asleep. So now, it only takes one innovation called the sleep number bed to make it possible for everyone, even with different symptoms, factors and causes of sleeping problems to improve their night’s sleep. With sleep number beds, there is no need for us to resort to different bizarre rituals in order to fall asleep immediately and stay asleep all through the night. There is also no need to become quite frustrated when you find that the old rituals that you thought, once, worked on you are no longer as effective. Sleep number beds are actually infused with air, which, upon various adjustments can create air pressure. By regulating the air pressure of the bed, you are enabled to find the level of comfort you are most comfortable with, in order to achieve a relaxing and restorative sleep. Pregnant women are quite pleased with them because they can adjust them as their pregnancy moves along. A rested mother to be is very important to both her health and the unborn child’s health. A disadvantage to these types of beds is the cost. However, if they fit in your budget they are indeed a wise investment for the couple that has different sleeping patterns and styles. Article Tags: Adjustable Beds, Sleep Number, Back Pain

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