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How Do You Get A Cheap Electric Scooter? – by M.D. Smith

No Comments 30 August 2010

With money scarce and big oil taking all of your spare change, it’s no wonder that more people are getting alternative forms of transportation. One of the biggest trends appears to be electric scooters. With so many kinds to choose from, how do you select a cheap electric scooter?

Suppliers of electric scooters are constantly making changes and have thus far been able to keep up with the increasing demands of their consumers. Normally, with so many improvements, you would see higher prices. However, with innovative design and manufacturing facilities, the manufacturers that plan to be here for the next 20 years have made acquiring a cheap electric scooter a realistic prospect.

Since a cheap electric scooter is so affordable, anyone can afford to jump on the bandwagon and own their own for under three-hundred dollars.

Today’s cheap electric scooters are packed with technology. There are several models that are manufactured to fold down for easy transportation and storage.

Many cheap electric scooters include such safety devices such as headlights for riding at night, brake lights so people can see that you’re stopping and left and right turn signals to indicate that you plan on turning

Want a conversion scooter? Never heard of that? A conversion scooter is a scooter that has a removable seat and can be ridden as either a stand up scooter or you can attach the seat and use it as a sit down scooter. There are several different types of cheap electric scooters. There is one that will fit just about anyone, there is a cheap electric scooter that’s right

Concerned about how fast you can go?, you don’t have to worry. The real manufacturers have taken care of you there also. Even cheap electric scooters can get as high as twenty-five to thirty miles per hour, depending on how much weight it is carrying and the type of road or how steep the hill is that it has to navigate.

Basically, with a cheap electric scooter, depending on the supplier, the word “CHEAP” only refers to how much it cost.

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HEVs to claim more territory, BEVs to set more roots, FCVs have far to go – by Adam Reis

No Comments 28 August 2010

Call it a fad, a trend, a bridge, or an end, but hybrid vehicle technology will continue to improve and claim a larger share of the electric drive industry™s automotive market in 2004, according to key industry players, stakeholders, and spectators who responded to Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Progress™s annual Looking Ahead survey. New York, NY (PRWEB) December 20 2003–Call it a fad, a trend, a bridge, or an end, but hybrid vehicle technology will continue to improve and claim a larger share of the electric drive industry™s automotive market in 2004, according to key industry players, stakeholders, and spectators who responded to Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Progress™s annual Looking Ahead survey. Editor Layne Holley provided the following survey highlights: Gasoline-electric hybrids are expected to dominate in small and large passenger car applications. Diesel-electric hybrids, however, are expected to follow in a not-too-distant second in this segment, gaining prevalence over their gasoline counterparts in the industrial equipment and medium- and heavy-duty segments. Across all applications, survey participants agree that hybrids of some type will achieve significant takeover — even in the battery electric-dominated niche of low-speed vehicles, also know as neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs). Battery-only technology will remain shut out or lose share in some segments. Fuel cell propulsion is still quite a distance into the future, so it isn™t expected to have a significant share of any segment within the year — or for several years out, for that matter, according to statements from participants. The full text of the survey report, including additional data on the future of HEVs, BEVs and FCVs appears in the January 2004 issue of Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Progress. The report is available online at http://www.HEVprogress.com/hevpreport2004.php or by phoning the publisher at 1-800-232-4317. Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Progress provides news and industry analysis on the research, development and commercialization of hybrid, fuel cell, and battery-electric vehicles Website: http://www.HEVProgress.com

electric wheelchairs

Guide To Electric Airsoft BB Guns – by Masni Rizal Mansor

No Comments 26 August 2010

Ever since the induction of Airsoft into the mainstream, the guns have used a pump action, not unlike a real BB or pellet gun. Now, with the introduction of the electric Airsoft BB gun, there’s a new force on the playing field. Unlike pump action Airsoft guns, the electric Airsoft BB gun uses rechargeable battery power to ensure a strong shot every time. The electric energy used by the electric Airsoft BB gun enables the guns to be fired at more rapid intervals. This is because there’s no need for time-costly pumps to recharge the gun back into firing mode.

The electric Airsoft BB gun comes in all models and styles of Airsoft guns. Airsoft guns are meant to replicate real gun models. When you buy an electric Airsoft BB gun, you can take pride in knowing that you are holding the same model of gun used by our military, law enforcement, hunter or outlaw.

Play With Friends Or Join A Tournament

Electric Airsoft BB guns are sold wherever Airsoft guns are sold. They can be found on the internet or in specialty Airsoft stores. There are even Airsoft clubs you can join that know where all the retail hotspots are for the best deals and the latest models. They can be used with a group of your friends for a game of capture the flag or they can be used in tournament play.

Since the induction of Airsoft, people have been gathering to play on the tournament circuit. The games are played just like paintball tournaments are played, and often on the same field. The BBs don’t leave marks, however, and you must rely on the honor system to notify others when a player is shot.

Wear Protective Gear

Electric Airsoft BB Guns, while normally played with, are not toys. They have the potential to cause injuries to the eyes as well as other parts of the body. You should always wear protective gear when handling or playing with electric Airsoft BB guns.

Whether you are playing with your friends or are paired up against the toughest opponents in the country in a shoot-em-up competition, electric Airsoft BB guns will give you the power and velocity you need in order to defeat your opponent. So join the best players in the world and get yourself an electric Airsoft BB gun today.

Masni Rizal Mansor provide tips and review on clear spring airsoft gun, electric airsoft bb guns and electric airsoft gun.

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Go, Greased Lightning – the All Electric Car – by Frank Vanderlugt

No Comments 24 August 2010

Ever since Mr Benz first put an internal combustion engine onto a piece of carriagework and thus invented the car, the internal combustion engine has been powered by gasoline or some other derivative of petroleum.

And we all know what’s happened ever since. Oil has become the world’s black gold and many people in Texas and in the Gulf States have become multimillionaires through owning an oil well.

But now things are about to change. We’ve been told time and again that the world’s fossil fuel supplies are running out and we need to look at other sources of energy. Pollution is also a big issue, with global warming being almost constantly in the news.

Electricity looks promising, as an all electric car wouldn’t give off any noxious fumes as a by-product. And with the right sort of battery, an all electric car wouldn’t have rechargeable batteries, so there wouldn’t be a waste disposal problem when it comes to the batteries. Could an all electric car be the perfect solution to the energy crisis and global warming?

Well, an all electric car would help. However, there are some hitches in designing an all electric car. The first one is the issue of speed and power. Modern drivers are used to having vehicles that have a good rate of acceleration and enough power to tow a trailer. Until recently, designs for an all electric car haven’t been particularly powerful (but not any more!)

And there may be a more sinister problem behind why an all electric car hasn’t been launched onto the mainstream market. Rumours abound about how designers who have managed to patent an all electric car have had the rights to produce the vehicle bought by big oil companies or big auto companies (the details vary depending on which version of the story you hear). And then the design for the all electric car is hidden away, never to see the light of day and threaten the foundation of the buyer’s wealth…

But the problems are starting to be overcome. Designs of all electric car have been seen at more than one motor show as concept cars, and the way international trends are going, it won’t be long until we can buy an all electric car at your regular car dealer’s yard. This happened with hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius, and it will happen with the all electric car, too.

And we are already seeing new companies that specialise in making all electric cars. So far, we have ZENN (stands for Zero Emissions No Noise), Venturi (which makes a solar powered all electric car) and Tesla, which has used modern carbon fibre technology and combined with Lotus to produce an all electric car that has stats that read like those of a sports car.

To be more precise, the Tesla Roadster, which is an all electric car, not a hybrid (not even a plug-in hybrid), can go from 0-60 mph in 4 seconds, a maximum torque of 185 kW and has a top speed of 130 mph (more than the legal limit in many countries). And this all electric car looks pretty good, too!

For the moment at least, an all electric car isn’t cheap. But given time, we’re sure to see the all electric car become more and more common on our roads, the same way as hybrid cars have.

Another drawback of the electric car is its size. The bigger the car, the more energy is needed to power the car. The electric car’s current capabilities are only enough to power relatively small cars. A modern family with a few groceries or packages would not find a small electric car convenient.

And what of the environmentally-friendly aspect of electric cars? Most people who are willing to spend the extra money and to live with the aforementioned inconveniences of having an electric car do so because they are tried of ever-climbing gas prices and of the world’s dependency on polluting oil. Electric cars are entirely clean and have no negative impact on the environment–while they’re running, at least.

Unless you’re one of the very few who live in a city with an alternate energy power plant or you’ve converted your residence to be powered by alternative energy such as solar power, hydroelectric power, or wind power and you only charge your electric car battery at those outlets, your electric car pollutes.

If you get your electrical energy from a coal-burning plant, the electric car’s battery is contributing to burning coal as it charges–at a rate which is not much less than burning gas in a car. If your city is powered by nuclear power, at least it’s a cleaner burning form of energy, but there is still the problem of the disposal of toxic waste. Plus, you’re spending just about if not more money on the extra charge on your utility bill as you would at the gas pump.

So the electric car has been put back on the drawing board, every so often resurfacing with a new innovation to counteract some of these problems. The most popular and successful twist on the electric car has been the hybrid car, which runs partially on gas and partially on the electric car battery.

The hybrid car cuts back on gas and electric battery charging pollution and the amount you spend on gas and utilities, but combined, they’re still not far from the pollution and cost of maintaining a gas-powered car. Still, hybrid cars allow for a bigger size vehicle and for top speeds on highways.

If you’re thinking about buying an electric car, make sure that all of these inconveniences are worth it and that the reason you’re buying an electric car–you want to cut back on pollution, for example–is actually worthwhile. If you want to send a message about oil and cut back on gas consumption, you might want to look into a hybrid car instead.

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Electric Wheelchair: What About Them And How To Choose One – by Jed Baguio

No Comments 22 August 2010

Moving forward with life as a handicap is the best thing you can do. You know as they say “This too shall pass” sooner or later you’ll get over it and enjoy the life as it was meant to be.
Enjoying life as handicap may be a little daunting since the loss of motor skill can cause a lot of barriers. Fortunately electric wheelchairs are here to save the day. This makes transportation easy and you can roam around as you like and visit your favorite place in town.
Electric wheelchairs are also know as “Power Chairs”. As it comes with its name, electric wheelchairs makes use of electricity coming from batteries which then turns the motors for mobility. Powerchairs can be classified as indoors, outdoors and some are both.
Electric wheelchairs are controlled by a joystick. Which also controls the speed and direction. This giving handicap the ease of mobility and no need to exert too much effort just to get around
In the market today there are three major types of electric wheelchairs according to the wheel it is driven. There are rear wheel drives, also mid and front wheel drives. As same as automobiles each has different feel from each other.

Some tips for choosing electric wheelchairs:
1. Make sure that the wheelchair is appropriate for your age. Kid wheelchairs are for kids and adult wheelchairs are for adults. It is also convenient if you can find one that’s easily folded so it’s a lot more manageable.
2. Take time to learn and discover what brands and types of electric wheelchair that has a proven good track record. Visit some websites, ask a friend or opinions from relatives. This will greatly reduce regrets for buying a lemon electric wheelchair.
3. Also look for a wheelchair that has the greatest mobility available. Not only on terms of direction of movement but also to the position of the chair itself. Does it lean or not? Is it only stuck into one position?
Electric wheelchairs help you bring back the zest in life. It will help them overcome the feel of unworthiness and help them to move on. Such condition may lead them to grow as a person of worth and importance.

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