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Mobility Scooter Rental – What Insiders Know – by Scooter Review Team

No Comments 31 March 2010

If right now, you’re having trouble walking, and it’s only temporary then mobility scooter rental might be right for you. A mobility scooter is an electrical scooter that you sit on, with either a three-wheel or four-wheel platform. Most of them are battery powered and can go up to 10 miles per hour, lasting all day till they need to be recharged during the night. What’s more, many of them can be broken down into multiple lightweight parts and put in the trunk of your car so you can use them at the mall, grocery shopping, visiting the Post Office, etc.
Now buying a brand new mobility scooter or even a used one really doesn’t make sense if you’ll only temporarily need one. That’s where rentals come in. Mobility scooter rental can range from:
1 day rental (including delivery and pick up): $80
2 days rental (including delivery and pick up): $110
3 days rental (including delivery and pick up): $140
each additional day: $25
Depending upon the dealer that you’re renting from, you may be able to choose from many different styles, colors and features. Ideally, you’ll want mobility scooter rental to tailored for your particular situation. One of the best ways to do that is talk with your doctor before renting a mobility scooter. Find out what he or she recommends. That way you won’t likely get talked into renting a more expensive mobility scooter that you really don’t need.
Another benefit of mobility scooter rental is that you may be able to get the scooter delivered to where you’re staying. And often times, if you traveling, you can contact your destination to find out if they offer mobility scooter rental! That way, going site seeing will be a snap. If using a travel agent, have him or her set up the rental for you.
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mobility scooters

Mobility Scooter Accessories – by Staff

No Comments 28 March 2010

Mobility Scooters can be customised to fit the user’s exact needs. Depending on the model of scooter and the user’s requirements, additional products can help you get even more out of your mobility scooter.
Bigger batteries can be expensive, depending on the model of scooter, and the size of battery. However, if the user is regularly covering large distances, or feels restricted as they can’t travel as far as they wish, then a battery upgrade will be cost effective. If you regularly dismantle your scooter to go in the car, it is worthwhile remembering that bigger batteries will be heavier.
A crutch or walking stick holder will mean that you can take your crutches or walking stick with you wherever you go. An oxygen cylinder holder might also be available for your scooter. Rear view mirrors are available, and can make reversing into a garage or shed even easier, especially if you struggle to turn your head. These mirrors are also found on the road legal scooters, so that users can see the traffic behind them.
A mobility scooter bag or pouch can make carrying your shopping or other items easier. This can range from a small pouch that will fit on the scooters armrest, to a large bag that will fit on the back of seat and will hold a lot of shopping, or the necessary items for a day out.
Mobility canopies and capes are available to protect you and your scooter in adverse weather conditions. These range from a cape that covers the user and the scooter to a canopy that completely encloses the user and scooter from the elements. Mobility canopies are mainly designed for pavement and road-legal scooters whilst capes will fit most scooters.
Mobility ramps are available so that you can get your mobility scooter into a car, up outdoor steps or over a step in the home. These are available in aluminium and fibreglass and some even fold so that they can be kept in the car. Other mobility ramps are available for permanent outdoor use to aid getting in and out of buildings for example.
If you want to get more out of your mobility scooter, see if there’s an accessory to suit you and your scooter.

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mobility scooters

Mobility Products, – by

No Comments 26 March 2010

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mobility scooters

Mobility in Motion Brunswick Automotive Professionals039 Mobility Division On the Move – by Cindy Mesko – Public Relations

No Comments 24 March 2010

Brunswick Automotive Professionals, Mobility Division (BAMP) expands mobility product offerings, appoints Sales Manager and General Manager. New York, NY (PRWEB) January 30, 2006 — Brunswick Automotive Professionals, Mobility Division (BAMP) owners Bob and Len Schickler announced today that their dealership is an authorized seller of Vantage Mobility International (VMI) mobility products. VMI manufactures, markets and services a complete line of high-quality wheelchair accessible vans, platform lifts and scooter lifts for the physically challenged. “Our business has grown to the point where we needed to expand our product offerings to meet our customers’ and their care givers’; requirements as well as their expectations. Our focus is to help our physically challenged customers get back on the road. Whether they’re driving or riding in a handicap accessible vehicle, it is critical that they are properly fitted to their vehicle or adapted driving equipment. Similar to the way that they would be to fitted to a wheelchair, scooter or prosthetic device,” said Bob Schickler. Len Schickler added, “Not all our customers can comfortably fit into or want a minivan. Some are looking for a larger vehicle. VMI offers the Tuscany Ford E250 and E350 in a variety of models that range from basic to loaded with options. The VMI product line serves as a compliment to our Braun Entervan line of Chrysler, Dodge, GM and Toyota minivans, and wheelchair/scooter lift products.” “Brunswick recognizes that VMI’;s broad product line will be a powerful tool for them to serve all of their customer’;s mobility needs. We are very pleased to have Brunswick as a full-line dealer partner,” said David Eaton, Vice President Technical Services, Vantage Mobility International. BAMP also announced the addition of Roger Keil as Sales Manager and the promotion of Diane Avellini, Mobility Sales Specialist to General Manager, Mobility. Mr. Keil stated, “After thirty years working for the Wintrode Family at The Causeway Family of Dealerships I have been asked to join the mobility team at BAMP. I look forward to helping Len and Bob continue to build one of the most caring, sensitive and consumer friendly dealerships I have ever had the pleasure of being associated with in my forty years in sales. I look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. Please stop in and say hello, give me a call to say hello or visit us at the NY Metro Abilities Expo April 21-23.” With over 11 years of management and automotive mobility experience, Ms. Avellini brings to the position of General Manager a depth of knowledge and experience that will serve her well in the highly competitive mobility market. “Brunswick Mobility will continue to be a major player in the adaptive equipment and mobility marketplace. I’m honored to follow in Bob’;s and Len’s footsteps to further develop our market presence. I’m also thankful for their confidence in my abilities to lead this effort,” says Avellini. “We had a fantastic year of growth in 2005 and look forward to building on that momentum with Roger leading our sales efforts and Diane managing our Mobility Division’s operations. Both Len and I are proud to have these two talented individuals on our team,” added Bob Schickler. About Brunswick Mobility Professionals Brunswick Mobility Professionals is a division of Brunswick Automotive Professionals, Inc. (BAMP) a family owned business for 36 years. BAMP is committed to providing the motoring public with the most modern, professionally staffed automotive and mobility facility in New Jersey. They are an AAA Service & Repair Center authorized to sell, install and service mobility equipment manufactured by the most reliable and respected names in the business: Braun, Bruno, MPD, Ricon, VMI and many others. “Mobility in Motion” is a registered trademark of Brunswick Automotive Professionals, Inc.

mobility scooters

Mobility Aids – Aide for your comfort – by Caroline

No Comments 21 March 2010

Mobility Aids aid the disabled to move around with ease. The wide range of disabled mobility aids will make your loved one feel comfortable and will never let them be a discouraging proportion anymore. Our sheer range of Independent Living Technologies brings life into numb limbs and enables easy movement for the disabled. Our mobility aids which range from walking canes to transport chairs and scooters can do wonders by helping them maintain their independent state of living.

The variety of mobility aids in our collection includes Canes and Accessories, Transport Chairs, Walkers and Accessories and Wheel Chairs. To be specific of our products, we have designed and molded them to fit and match the needs of the people and the trends of today’s world. Walking Canes are the first and best companions for people with walking disability. The canes are designed in such a way that they support and handle the weight of the body and enable the person to anchor himself firmly on the floor while walking.

Our new elegant and perfect walking canes meet all the expectations of people with mobility problems. The contoured griped 4 point based walking canes with handle are strong and stable to provide non-slippery support. The new folding cane and seat will be convenient for taking short rests between long walks. The sleek aluminum stick with non-slip rubber tips ensures safety. We have designed with perfection the crutches which provide two-handed support apart from canes which provide single-handed hold.

Transport chairs and wheel chairs are commonly used mobility aids which help in transportation of the disabled. The easy to maintain and durable wheel chairs come with padded arm rest and precision bearings. The push to lock wheels feature urethane tires which provide good safety when traveling. Also our transport chairs are maintenance-free, light weight with chip-proof finish. Our aluminum transport chair is very compact and can be back folded for easy storage.

The mobility aid walkers and accessories come handy for all those who can walk or move slowly in spite of their disorders. Why should people be confined to corners or glued to wheel chairs when they can move with the help of practical and easy-to-use mobility aids? So say ‘no’ to wheel chairs or un-peopled corners. Our walkers can give life to yours or your loved ones’ legs and give them instant mobility. Our affordable and suitable accessories suit every need of the disabled person making movement easier and effortless.

Do our products interest you? Do you want to present them to your loved ones or try for yourself? Do not think anymore. Act now! In just few clicks you can have the products shipped to your place. Visit, order and buy. Life is simpler with our Independent Living Technologies. Equipped with them, you can be surely more independent!

Our Mobility aids include assisted living products like Hear/Eye Controlled Input and Word Prediction and it’s a helpful resources for disabled people worldwide.

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