What To Look For In Stairlifts – by Rene Graeber

No Comments 30 December 2009

When purchasing stairlifts, there are a lot of things that you have to look for to make sure that you are getting a good bargain.

For one, it would be cost and time effective to purchase a product that has infrared remote control.

Secondly, you would no doubt want your stairlifts to have easy controls, like a joystick, for example.

Thirdly, users or passengers would no doubt have a more comfortable time using the stairlifts if there are power swivel seats and footrests.

The swivel seats are both for safety and comfort. When there’s no one around to help a person get up or down from the stairlift, the swivel seat would make such movements easier of course.

Footrests are for those with bending problems.

A diagnostic digital display for the stairlift would also be considered helpful. Safety cut out sensors for stairlifts can also set your heart at ease about the safety of the people who are going to use it.

And definitely, you must make sure that the braking system of the stairlifts can be done either electronically or mechanically – after all, you never know when something bad could happen that would require you to make an emergency stop.

But beyond that, here are the key features to look for when you’re considering purchasing stairlifts:

Lifetime Warranty
Anyone who doesn’t want a product that comes with lifetime warranty either has to have his head checked or he’s simply richer than Croesus. Or Bill Gates. (Wait… I take that back since I believe Bill Gates is smart enough to still want products that come with lifetime warranty)

Needless to say, there are stairlifts that come with lifetime warranty so better choose that than others.

Brand And Quality
The purpose of the stairlift is to make ascending and descending of stairs easier and safer for the invalid. Surely, when you purchase a stairlift, you wouldn’t want it to become the very reason an accident happens and due to poor quality?

Since the well-being of a person is at stake here, we advise you to stick to stairlifts made by accredited companies.

Drive Types
There are stairlifts with either of the following drive types: chain, screw, cable or rack and pinion.

Guess which one most people prefer to use? That’s right.

Most people go for stairlifts with rack and pinion drive types because not only is it safer, it runs more smoothly too – no jarring movements when the stairlift starts and stops moving.

The author is a certified physiotherapist and lives in Germany. He has put together a website about stair lifts at


Take Advantage Of The Affordable Price Of Used Stairlifts – by Michelle Bery

No Comments 28 December 2009

Most of us have never given much thought to a stairlift; for those who are able bodied, climbing and descending the stairs is just something that we do throughout the day. But for those who are physically challenged, managing stairs can be something to which they give quite a bit of thought. Luckily, advancements in technology has given way to a variety of products designed to help physically challenged consumers live a life of greater independence; one such product is the stairlift – an electric or battery powered device that moves users up and down stairs. While the purchase of new stairlift systems can come at a hefty price, the availability of used stairlifts offer consumers the technology that they need at a cost-effective price.

Used stairlifts – like their newer counterparts – come in a variety of models. While some provide a swivel stool on which users can sit, others offer a shelf on which users can perch or stand. With the activation of the unit, the user is moved up or down the stairs along a track that is mounted into the wall along the stairs. For those in wheelchairs, a wheelchair stairlift offers a platform onto which the user can position their chair before activating the mobility of the unit. Electric stairlifts utilize electric power while battery operated units run on rechargeable batteries.

New stairlifts of any variety are often expensive to install, in part because you are paying for the parts. Used stairlifts are available at much lower prices than newer units because the equipment is not new. Often consumers have the opportunity purchase used stairlifts that have been rented by other customers for temporary use. And even though the time in which they used the unit was short, the unit depreciates considerably in price.

You can often purchase used stairlifts through those companies that sell them new. Do some online research to find companies that will sell and install stairlifts and you will undoubtedly find an option to purchase used stairlifts. Company representatives will take measurements in your home and help you determine the services that will be most beneficial to your needs – after which they will install the unit and instruct you on the proper operation. Shop around for prices that are within your budget restrictions and you will surely find a unit that fits your needs – offering you a much greater level of independence.

For easy to understand, in depth information about used stairlifts visit our ezGuide 2 Wheel Chair Lifts.


Electric Stairlifts Provide Mobility And Safety – by Michelle Bery

No Comments 26 December 2009

For most of us, simply climbing and descending the stairs in our home is something we take for granted; often we give little or no thought at all to the endless trips we make up and down on a daily basis. But for those for whom the stairs are a physical challenge, the prospect of walking up or down must be approached with caution and considerable thought. Subsequently, in the event of a decline in physical fitness – due to illness, injury, or age – electric stairlifts can make the impossible possible again.

Electric stairlifts are comprised of a swivel seat that allows users to easily sit down. With one simple touch of a button, the seat travels up or down the stairs along a track. Such a system can be used indoors as well as outdoors and tracks can be manipulated to accommodate straight or curved stairways.

Battery operated stairlifts do exist – and can be helpful should the power go out. But the disadvantage of battery stairlifts is that batteries must be frequently recharged – a process that takes a bit of time. In general, electric stairlifts are far more reliable, as you never have to worry about the batteries dying – or purchasing expensive new batteries. Although experts agree that you should always have batteries on hand should the power go out and the stairlift becomes inoperable.

There are a number of electric stairlifts for purchase through reputable companies nationwide. Use online resources in order to find the system that works for your home and budget. Once you make a choice, the company will come in and professionally install the system on the stairs of your choice.

Electric stairlifts are meant to make stairs accessible and convenient for those who have physical limitations. With proper planning, you can have a professionally installed stairlift in your home, making life that much easier to manage.

For easy to understand, in depth information about electric stairlifts visit our ezGuide 2 Wheel Chair Lifts.


Dolphin Stairlifts (East Anglia) Press Release – by Christian Dunnage

No Comments 23 December 2009

Dolphin Stairlifts East Anglia announce a change of ownership and management.

The East Anglia branch of Dolphin Stairlifts has recently had a change of ownership and management. Dolphin is a well established national supplier of a range of mobility products and the change of ownership will facilitate further improvements in customer service for this area.

The new Director Paul Smith said

“I am excited at the prospect of developing DOLPHIN activities in Suffolk and Norfolk. I shall be giving full support to existing customers as well as providing a personal and prompt service to new clients. Whilst our key product is the Stairlift we can also meet many other mobility needs. An important reason to come to DOLPHIN is that the organisation has a wealth of knowledge of the products in the marketplace and, being independent, can recommend just the right one for a client.”

The range of products Dolphin can supply include: Stairlifts, Bathlifts, Scooters, Public Access lifts and Recliner chairs.

The new management is dedicated to uphold the Dolphin values of personal attention, full after sales service and support with competitive prices.

Dolphin (East Anglia) Limited operates over the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk and Paul Smith can be contacted on:

Telephone 01394 277100



1. DOLPHIN operates nationally with autonomous branches in all areas of the country.

2. Local managers have full training in the products they recommend and install and also access to central information on products.



Accessory Checklist For Stairlifts – by Peter Garant

No Comments 20 December 2009

Accessories You May Purchase For Your Stairlift Product

You know how cars are always adorned by all sorts of accessories, right? Men go ga-ga over the bling-blings for their wheels, almost the same way women go crazy over belts, brooches and the sorts.

Well, for stairlifts, the primary purpose these accessories serve is safety and comfort and not design. Stairlifts may already be costly as they are, but it would still do you good to purchase accessories to ensure the well being of your loved ones.

Frame type Sit And Stand – If the stairlift product that’s to be installed at your house would be used by more than one person, perhaps it’s better to purchase a sit and stand frame for your stairlifts, especially when neither have the same health problems. With this type of frame for your stairlifts, the user or passenger may be able to either sit or stand while he/she climbs up and down the stairs.

Seatbelt – Yes, just like when you’re riding a roller coaster or your ordinary Ford truck, it’s always advisable to wear a seatbelt…just in case anything happens. You can choose between a seatbelt that would be wrapped around your lap – the manufacturers describe it as an inertia reel lap harness – or one that would strap both your shoulders – this time, referred to as static type, 3 point fixing over shoulder harness. Either way, as long as you have a seatbelt for your stairlift, the chances of risking injury are less likely.

Hinged Rail – In a small or compact sized house where there’s little space available, stairlifts with hinged rails are quite ideal because you could fold the lower part of the rail when it’s not in use. This is also ideal if your stairway is right next to the doorway and the lower part of the rail of the stairlift just serves as another obstruction.

Power Folding Footrest – Let’s just say that you have a mighty big house and even with the dough rolling in nonstop, you still prefer to install stairlifts instead of an elevator, no matter that there’s about twenty feet worth of stairs to climb up and down.

Wouldn’t it be nice for the passenger to have a footrest while they’re traveling from the East to the West Coast? But seriously though, the footrest for the stairlifts can also be handy for users or passengers who have problems bending down.

Power Swivel Seat – This is more for the comfort of passengers as they enter and exit the stairlifts.

These sites about residential stair lifts and stair lift installation are both dedicated to help you find the best information available how to buy and install residential stairlifts.

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