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Ramps, Stairlifts, Powerchairs, Electric Scooters, Bathroom Aids, Mobility Scooters


mobility scooters

Who Do You Trust When Buying Online – by Nicola Bullimore

No Comments 14 June 2010

People who are buying online have grown dramatically over the last few years. Consumers purchase a variety of different products, and with the trend as it is; elderly people are becoming more confident to pay for their products online as they understand money can be saved in comparison to prices in high street shops.

As any business would know, it is important to keep up to date with current market prices so products can remain competitive. The Help the Aged website seem to be selling mobility scooters at more than double the price of other online vendors. So why are the prices of the mobility scooters on the Help the Aged website so expensive?

The Help the Aged website have a section where people can come and ask questions and post answers to other peoples threads. One person challenged Help the Aged on how they justify their prices considering there are similar websites selling the same product and offering a similar service at half the price.

Peter Olsson: Help the Aged E -Commerce Marketing Manager, replied and said that Help the Aged started selling mobility scooters in February 2004 to counter act against the common “Unethical Sales Practices” of other sellers in the industry. Peter Olsson suggests that his own research shows that the prices Help the Aged sell their mobility scooters at are infact, “very competitive”. Mr Olsson states that he is aware, rock bottom rates are advertised in tabloids and other media. However, he encourages in his reply to remember “there’s a wide range of specifications available on the market so people get what they pay for”. He uses an example stating that some are sold as new although they have been refurbished.

Mr Olsson said Help the Aged would advise anyone only to deal with “Reputable vendors” in order to avoid deceptive sales tactics to prevent a disappointing purchase. “If something sounds too cheap to be true, it usually is.” Although we could agree with this statement in general, in some cases this may not be correct. So, are we understand from Mr Olsson, that the Help the Aged website is a reputable vendor to purchase Mobility Scooters but to be aware of commercial websites offering mobility scooters at cheaper prices?

Companies such as Factory Outlet Scooters, sell brand new mobility scooters at low cost prices. Are we to believe that this company is not reputable because their scooters are sold at, in some cases, half the price of Help the Aged? I don’t believe so.

In response to Mr Olsson, a gentleman posted a reply. He said he himself had worked in the industry selling mobility products for the last 15 years, and that he was “Very amused, yet saddened” at the reply Mr Olsson offered. He did not think it was appropriate for a well known charity to be involved in this commercial enterprise which by its inference gives backing to an associate company selling items for high prices which may lead a potential customer away from a competitor selling the same product at half the price. He agrees with Mr Olsson that there are bad companies around and added that they sell scooters and other aids at inflated prices, and suggests the role of Help the Aged as a charity should be to educate and guide the elderly to the best buys, the best prices and companies who are ethical.

The Office of Fair Trading have currently launched a campaign to help consumers, such as the elderly, to fend off doorstop sellers who are selling high price items, such as mobility scooters and mobility products, to deal with high-pressure sales tactics. The campaign is backed by a number of groups, including Help the Aged.

Help the Aged have their heart in the right place, and we know they do a lot of good work for the elderly, but in this case, they possibly need to be more aware of realistic prices that the elderly can make their purchases online and perhaps recognise genuine services offered by other online companies in the market industry.

Nicola Bullimore has been working with people to resolve personal debt problems for some years. For more information, please visit,

mobility scooters

Who Could Benefit From A Mobility Scooter? – by staff

No Comments 12 June 2010

Anyone who struggles to walk or gets tired after walking a short distance could benefit from using a mobility scooter. Using an electric scooter is not an admission of defeat and can make a great deal of difference to your quality of life, and can even provide a new lease of life and a new found independence. If you are thinking about getting a mobility scooter, it is probably past time to do it. The sooner you start using an electric scooter, the longer you might retain the ability to walk.
A mobility scooter can give you more energy because you won’t be using all your energy in trying to walk, or push a traditional wheelchair. Using a disabled scooter will help to relieve the strain on shoulder muscles and wrist and elbow joints that are used when pushing yourself in a self propelled wheelchair or someone else in a traditional transit wheelchair. An electric scooter can help to provide you with the freedom to go where ever you want, whenever you want. Some models are capable of travelling up to 35 miles between charges, so the distance you can cover is much greater than in a traditional wheelchair.
A large number of supermarkets and DIY stores as well as other shops offer customers the use of a mobility scooter whilst shopping. If you are not sure if you would benefit from one, why not try one and see if it makes shopping any easier. Some places such as large shopping centres or town centres offer Shopmobility, which is a scheme that lends or hires mobility equipment based on the user’s requirements, and then provides brief training on using the equipment. If you go on holiday why not hire a mobility scooter instead of taking your wheelchair, and see if it makes a difference.
By getting an electric scooter, you can open many doors that have been previously closed, perhaps because of a disability or illness – such as going shopping, going out for the day, going for a “walk” with the children or grandchildren. You can go up and down steep hills in comfort and without fear of rolling down the hill and without being worn out for days afterwards. You can visit friends and relatives at your convenience, without needing to rely on public transport.
If you think that you, a friend or relative could benefit from a mobility scooter or a powerchair, why not try some and find one that you like. If you know somebody with a mobility scooter, ask them about it, and what improvements it has brought them. Mobility scooters can mean the difference between managing to live at home independently, and having to rely on others.
Hopefully this article will have provided some more information about who could benefit from a mobility scooter. For more information about mobility scooters, see our other articles, or visit

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mobility scooters

Where To Buy Your Mobility Scooter – by Staff

No Comments 09 June 2010

Traditionally mobility scooters were only available at a small number of dedicated mobility dealers. These dealers were able to charge a premium as there was little or no local competition. Nowadays, due to the internet, and the large number of people wanting mobility products, more places are selling mobility scooters including traditional mobility dealers, mail order catalogues, and dedicated internet sites and the products are becoming less expensive.
Traditional mobility dealers have expert knowledge gained through years of retail experience, know the market and the main manufacturers, and often sell different mobility scooters from different manufacturers. The prices can be more expensive than mail order catalogue or internet sellers because of the after sales care that the dealer can offer. This can range from picking the scooter up in the event of a puncture, repairing and servicing, to making any necessary adjustments to the seat or tiller height or reach. The dealer may buy back or part exchange the scooter for a new one. For some, this peace of mind is well worth the price. The mobility scooter will also be assembled specifically for the user, and so is ready to ride immediately. The dealer will also be able to help with any teething troubles. The dealer may well also sell other mobility aids that could benefit people who buy a mobility scooter.
Mail order catalogue companies will have little or no experience in comparison to a dedicated mobility dealer. The price difference for the same mobility scooter may be sufficient enough to make you consider buying from a catalogue. It is worthwhile remembering that while the price may well be lower, the mail order catalogue will probably not keep spares or accessories, and may not be able to cope if there is a problem with the scooter. They will not be able to offer servicing or other help, and are unlikely to take the scooter back if you find that it is unsuitable for your needs, or you simply don’t like it.
The internet has provided lower priced goods ranging from books and CDs to holidays. In terms of mobility scooters, the internet sellers may look cheap, but the after sales care may be non-existent. Again, they may not carry spares or accessories, and may not have a large range, or all the manufacturers’ models to choose from. The mobility scooters are often dispatched as they come from the manufacturer still boxed. The buyer will then have to get the scooter out of the box, and assemble it, and attach the batteries, fit he seat, and make any necessary adjustments before the scooter can be used. The potentially low prices of buying a mobility scooter over the internet can sway some people.
Another option is to buy from a mobility dealer with a website. This will allow you to see the whole range of products they stock, and find out which one is for you. You can also compare specifications and different dealers’ prices all without leaving the comfort of your home. Depending on the actual location of the dealer, you may be able to visit the dealer and try out the scooter you like. This can provide you with the security and knowledge of a mobility dealer, with the price benefits of an internet seller.

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mobility scooters

Wheelchair Batteries…Give Yourself the Power To Move! – by Ron Rougeaux

No Comments 07 June 2010

You must have observed the growing use of electric wheelchairs, powerchairs and mobility scooters by people who have in the past been using the manual wheelchair. If you’re still using a manual wheelchair maybe it’s because you’re not so sure about the safety of the wheelchair batteries used to power these electric wheelchairs. Let’s take a closer look.
Wheel chair batteries come in many different types and models. They’re all designed to meet the varying demands of different powered wheelchairs in one way or another. You’ll find many manufacturers of wheelchair batteries, for all types of wheelchairs, powerchairs and mobility scooters. No matter who makes the battery, they all basically fall into 3 different types of batteries available.
Let’s look at the features you’ll want in you’re battery to give you the longest, most trouble-free service.
Wheel Chair Battery Features…what to look for:
Although they’re the least expensive of all the different types of wheelchair batteries, ordinary wet type (lead acid) batteries are not recommended for most uses in power mobility devices. Not only for the maintenance inconvenience they have, but mostly for the possibility of an acid leak if the wheelchair, power chair or mobility scooter should tip over. These lead/acid type batteries are seen less and less in today’s mobility devices.
A wheelchair battery can come in various sizes and power ratings. The higher the amperage rating of the battery the more potential power it has to power you around in your chair. The ideal battery would be one that is compact, with a high power-to-weight ratio (Low battery weight vs. high amperage).
The lighter the battery the better. However, you should be careful not to compromise power just to save a few pounds of weight.
So, what are the basic types of wheelchair batteries?
* Gel type: Advantages… can’t leak if tipped over…approved for airline travel…no maintenance required
* AGM (Glass mat type…most expensive): Advantages…can’t spill or leak…approved for airline travel…no maintenance required…low self-discharge rate (3% per month)
* Wet type (lead/acid): Advantage: cheapest of all types
As with most purchases, determine how you’ll be using your powered device. A prime consideration should be safety…and, if safety is the highest concern than that would most likely eliminate the wet (lead/acid) type of wheelchair battery. That leaves the gel and AGM types.
If cost is the main concern, then the wet (lead/acid) type would be your first choice. Hope this helps.

Owner of Mr. Rougeaux has written numerous articles about wheelchairs, mobility scooters, adjustable beds, quad canes, walkers, rollators, power chairs, mobility equipment and assistive living.

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