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0 Comments 24 November 2009

Wheelchairs can be a very confusing subject, simply because there are so many types, sizes, and other applications for wheelchairs. To many people, a great wheelchair can mean freedom and independence. The ability to get around on your own and not have to worry about other people having to do tasks for you is priceless. So where do you start? How do you determine what wheelchair is right for you? What does a wheelchair cost? Wheelchairs can range in price from $300 to over $10,000.

At that price, it will be a good idea to do your research to make sure you are not being scammed when it comes to the purchase of your wheelchair. A good way to determine what type of wheelchair you need is to ask yourself these questions. “What will be the main use of my wheelchair?” “Where will I be using my wheelchair the most?” “What functions and activities do I participate in the most?” (Ex. If you have a home with smaller than average doors, like the doors on a mobile home, you will want to make sure that you do not buy a wheelchair with wheels that extend out beyond the door frame.

A wheelchair can be customized to fit in your home without having to sacrifice comfort. There are different wheels for different surfaces that you will be traveling on, different frame contruction, and many different types of wheelchairs from manual to electric. Try to compare features with as many businesses as possible, this way if something looks unusually high in price compared to everyone else, then you know it is a scam waiting to happen.

Be selective and patient when it comes to choosing your wheelchair, after all, it will be a part of you for many years to come.

Bobby Walker
Internet Marketer
Dallas, Texas

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