Safe Showering With A Shower Wheelchair – by David Fulkner

0 Comments 24 November 2009

The ability to take a quick shower before going to bed or on arising in the morning is one of life’s little pleasures. But for many disabled persons, taking a refreshing, relaxing shower can become a giant challenge. The bathroom is fraught with dangers for those who have difficulty moving; there are countless injuries caused from falls in the tub or shower every year. The risk of broken bones and even worse are very real for some people.

The shower wheelchair is one solution for those who have let their fears of slipping on the wet shower surface keep them from enjoying this little ritual. A shower wheelchair, or commode, may even have removable armrests so that you have easier access to the shower controls, soap, shampoo, and washcloths.

Design Of Shower Wheelchairs
Most shower wheelchairs have seats resembling toilet seat, with opening allowing the bathe to clean his or her private areas without assistance. The shower wheelchair should be constructed from a rust-proof metal or lightweight material like plastic, with a back support and waterproof seat. The use of the shower wheelchair, however, will be limited to showers with thresholds which have no edges.

A shower wheelchair with an open seat will usually come with a removable commode pail and can double as a bedside commode, or can allow its user to be positioned above a toilet without having to stand up. Because they are foldable, they can travel with the user, and they almost always can be assembled or disassembled in minutes and without the need for tools.

The safety of the shower wheelchair will be enhanced if there are handle bars installed in the shower stall, and if there is a handheld shower nozzle available. A shower wheelchair of a height which makes the shower’s controls and shelves easily accessible is also recommended.

Cost Of Shower Wheelchairs
Shower wheelchairs purchased online normally run between $200 and $900; but for those on a budget, used shower wheelchairs are an affordable options. Having a shower wheelchair for the disabled person in your life will be a great aid in helping him or her cope with limited mobility.

Specially designed devices like shower wheelchairs can make a world of difference, both in the quality of life and mental outlook, of disabled people; they help those individuals achieve a sense of normalcy and independence which would otherwise be very hard to maintain.

The self-esteem which can result form a simple thing like being able to bathe oneself without assistance can make all the difference in the pleasure which a disabled person finds in life. That alone makes a shower wheelchair worth every penny of its price!

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