Motorized Wheelchairs: An Option To Weigh – by MacKenzie Smith

0 Comments 24 November 2009

Many kinds of wheelchairs are available for those who require them. They are designed to aid people with different combinations of medical conditions, so examine them closely to ensure that the wheelchair you purchase suits your needs. Motorized wheelchairs provide the advantage of electric motors, and thus can be used by many people who may not be able to operate a manual wheelchair due to their diminished physical capacities.

Manual wheelchairs must be operated by the person using them. One way or another, the user provides the force to propel himself. However, not everybody is able to do this. Some wheelchair users have arm or leg problems and simply do not have the strength or ability to operate a manual wheelchair. They are better advised to use a motorized wheelchair instead.

A powerchair, another term for a motorized wheelchair, moves by means of an electric motor. To control the engine, users may use a keyboard, joystick, or similar instrument. Such motorized wheelchairs are designed for use on all surfaces and all weather conditions for maximum versatility. Their additional features may include the ability to angle the seat, raise and lower the chair for easier access, and other mechanical improvements.

If you have a physical disability that makes it impossible to use a manual wheelchair, try a motorized one instead. The cost may not be all that expensive and may be covered under your medical insurance policy. Ask your insurance agent. This wheelchair does cost more than a manual one, however, you usually only purchase this type of wheelchair once in your lifetime.

When buying a wheelchair, it is a good idea to purchase some basic wheelchair parts as well. Not only should you get to know your wheelchair, but getting a better understanding of the “extras” is a smart ideas. One piece of equipment that is particularly handy is a portable wheelchair ramp.

When one is stuck in a location difficult to maneuver, or completely without access portable wheelchair ramps make things much simpler. Other replacement wheelchair parts such as batteries or motors should be available from the retailer and are quite useful.

When deciding which wheelchair to buy, it’s important to keep in mind that this is a long-term investment in a piece of equipment that you may be using for a long time: be very careful to choose one that you’ll be happy with. For both manual and motorized wheelchairs, comfort and convenience are paramount; spending your money wisely now will likely save you both money and difficulties in the long run.

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