How to find the motorized wheel chair that is right for you! – by Henry Huxton

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Any vehicle made specifically for disabled people is aimed at bringing
freedom and mobility. This in turn brings in a lot of independence to
the disabled person as he/she can go about their daily routine without
causing any hindrance to others. Motorized wheel chairs and mobility
scooters are the most common aids that people prefer.
Motorized wheel chairs are very effective as they help the disabled
person to easily maneuver all through the home. Power wheelchairs offer a
number of leg, arm and seating options to accommodate a wide range of
user needs. Sometimes wheelchairs can be customized depending on the
needs of the disabled person. Look for more info at HerWheelChair.com
Most power wheelchairs have at least four wheels. Some have small
wheels in front and large wheels in back and are better suited for indoor
use. Others have large wheels in front and smaller ones in the back
making them apt for outdoor use. The wheels are widely spaced, opposites
usually being on opposite sides of the wheelchair. This gives the
wheelchair increased stability and safety, lessening the likelihood of rollover
Most power wheelchairs are propelled by two motors, one on each side.
One motor drives one wheel and the other motor drives the other wheel.
Power wheelchairs are steered by the user, using fingers to move a small
control joystick forward, backward, left, or right to control speed and
direction of travel.
Power wheelchairs have many features. They are powered by a battery
that minimizes physical exertion for the disabled person. It easily goes
uphill and you do not need any assistance. Plus you get all the freedom
you need. However, there many issues to consider before making a
The most important being the lifestyle of the person. If you are a
person on the go more often you might want to consider going in for a
wheelchair that has features in terms of going up terrains, or coming down
slopes. You also need to consider how often the chair will be
transported in a car and any specific seating or accessory needs that are
required. If you are an indoor person you might just want functionality that
helps you do your daily chores.
Consult an occupational or physical therapist to find out if the power
wheelchair is suitable for you. They will be able to assess the
situation based on your physical condition.
Call your medical provider or insurance company. Most of them cover the
costs incurred for purchasing a wheelchair while some don’t. In a few
cases, the wheelchair company could arrange for loans at reasonable
rates of interest thus making it feasible for you to buy the wheelchair.
There are different models of wheelchairs that you can choose from.
Transportable power wheelchairs weigh less than 100 pounds. They can be
assembled easily and allow for easy transfer in and out of your car’s
trunk. These electric wheelchairs have a compact size ideal for confined
spaces or narrow doorways.
Powerbase power wheelchairs offer a wide range of options for
suspension, seating, driving and handling. Usually these chairs have a low
center of gravity, making your ride smooth, stable and safe. Powerbase
wheelchairs generally don’t fold or disassemble and need to be transported
using lifts and ramps.
Heavy duty power wheelchairs are built for outdoor use. These power
chairs can handle almost any surface you are likely to encounter on a
daily basis. Larger motors and longer frames make these chairs superior to
the standard power wheelchairs.

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