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When to Consider Using an Adjustable Bed – by Nancy Peterson

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Your mattress is the sleep surface most important to you and with many different mattress types available, it is essential to find one that feels comfortable and allows for a restful sleep. In the world of sleep, a mattress type, for example memory foam, is only good if it provides comfort for you, and or your partner. An individual who says that he or she can sleep anywhere may not put much concern into the selection and purchasing of a mattress or frame. In some cases, buying a “cheap bed” is the priority. However, when you consider this important factor, we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed sleeping, and sleep is essential to recharging our batteries, you realize that anything that impedes a restful night’s sleep is problematic, and must be addressed. In many cases, reviewing both the mattress and frame of your bed is a good place to start.

The importance of a bed frame

Many bed frames are designed to support your mattress and add firmness. For a typical flat bed there are many frame options from a low metal frame that supports a box spring and mattress to a frame that needs nothing more than a mattress. In general, most people sleep on flat bed surfaces; however, there are reasons that considering an adjustable bed frame may be a healthful and positive choice? Quite simply, when you sleep better you’ll feel better physically when you wake up. Which leads us to: When should you consider using an adjustable bed? see:

3 reasons to consider using an electric adjustable frame

Besides the luxury-aspect of having an adjustable bed, (which won’t be addressed here) there is a very important situational aspects in choosing an adjustable frame. Although it is not scientifically proven, it has helped and continues to help a lot of the population: especially those folks with physical health ailments. 3 important reasons to consider a frame that adjusts are: (1) if you suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease, GERD (you can keep your upper body elevated); (2) if you suffer from Edema (you can elevate your legs to reduce both swelling and pooling of fluids in the lower legs); (3) if the situation requires a home care bed (a suitable adjustable frame can provide many needed benefits including raising and lowering the bed).

While a lot of factors go into choosing a bed, it is good to know that the market place is full of choice. As unique as is each individual, so too is each person’s preference and personal comfort.

If you would like to read more adjustable bed reviews find the full report at:

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