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The Lowdown on Adjustable Beds

When you hear the phrase “adjustable beds”, the first thought through your head may be hospitals and nursing homes. Well, wipe those thoughts from your head because the advantages to adjustable beds can contribute to a great night’s sleep for just about anyone. Adjustable beds conform to your needs. You can position your bed for different activities like reading, working, or watching TV. With an adjustable bed, your mattress can be tweaked into a zero-gravity position which can go a long way toward eliminating lower back pain. Shopping for an Adjustable Bed The first step in shopping for an adjustable bed is to choose your mattress surface and size. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the technology and features of an adjustable bed while mattresses slip your mind. Buy a high quality mattress to complete your bed. Try out memory foam, air beds, and traditional coil mattresses. If an adjustable base is available to try the mattresses on, take advantage of the opportunity. Even if you’re able to find a good deal online, you should visit local retailers to test out the beds before making a purchase. Adjustable beds usually offer a system that folds your mattress in two places, giving the mattress a head section, a middle section, and a foot section. Different mattresses will react differently when folded or bent. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you’re shopping for an adjustable bed, it adds many facets to your shopping experience. Store employees should be able to answer your questions. Make sure you shop for a bed from a reputable manufacturer. The base of your new bed should be strong and fabricated with steel to handle the weight of the mattress and sleepers. Nylon rollers inside the bed will last longer and be quieter than wood or metal rollers. Before taking your new bed home, read the warranty information carefully so you will understand what is and isn’t covered when it comes to your new bed. Additional Support When we lie down to sleep, our body has curves. When you lie on your back on a flat bed, your spine and legs are not firmly supported. Adjustable beds can be put into hundreds of positions to support the body in its natural shape. Other health advantages include elevation of the upper body to help with heartburn or acid reflux. Elevating the legs reduces swelling and water retention in the lower legs and reduces pressure on the veins that return blood to your heart. The health benefits of a new mattress outweigh the cost. There’s a good reason that it’s easy to drift off to sleep when you get into a reclining chair. In the reclined position with your head leaned back and your legs elevated, your body can relax completely and not do any work to support itself. Your muscles can relax and your body doesn’t have to work as hard, so you can reach a wonderful deep sleep state. This position is known as the zero gravity position because of the lack of pressure on your body. An adjustable bed can provide you with that deep sleep every night of the week. Maybe you’re thinking an adjustable bed sounds pretty good, but you’re worried about how it will fit in with your decor. Most manufacturers of adjustable bed bases understand that if they want to grow their market, they need to cater to consumers who care about design. The area where the mattress sits is often covered with fabric so it looks like a normal box spring, and all motors and electrical parts should be concealed. If you have trouble sleeping and always wondered whether there was a way to better support your body and provide more comfort, and adjustable bed may be the answer. Consider all your options when shopping for a bed and mattress, and you may find that an adjustable bed fits your needs to a tee.

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