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Spoil Yourself With An Adjustable Bed – Part 2 – by Barbara Thorp

0 Comments 31 March 2011

Sleeping comfort must still be the preference and should be the determining factor in the choice of your bed and mattress. There is no one particular type of mattress or bed, which is guaranteed to work for everyone and to date no medical studies, has proven that adjustable beds are preferable. However, whatever bed or mattress gives you the most sleep comfort without additional pain is deemed as the best option. If you need to upgrade your bedroom suite then log on to where you can buy Australian made matresses and beds and Home Furnishings, go online today and check it out.

Why flat beds are uncomfortable for some

We all have legs that are curved. Our spine is ‘S’ shaped and a flat bed creates gaps where your legs and spine are not supported. It’s a physiological fact that muscles in use are in a state of tension. When you are forced to hold your head up, stretch your legs and spine, support your arms and legs, and move your body yourself to change your position (or improvise contoured support with pillows as you must do in a flat bed), your muscles stay in tension. This is why you have to move your body constantly, to stay comfortable, when you lie on your back in a flat bed.

Turning onto your side doesn’t even help for long, because lying on your side eventually cuts off blood circulation, hampers breathing, and gravity exerts disturbing downward pressure on your internal organs. For this reason, you must turn again, because the flat surface, on which you are sleeping, is actually causing your curved body pain, and therefore forcing your muscles to stay in tension.

How to choose a comfortable bed and mattress

The type of bed and mattress you choose is a critical decision for people with back, bone and joint problems. While little is known about the type of mattress, which is good for the back, because there is little medical information about adjustable beds, we still have many questions whether or not an adjustable bed is a better alternative to flat beds and mattresses for people suffering from back problems.

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