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How Much Is A Good Night’s Sleep Worth To You? – by Ron Rougeaux

0 Comments 26 February 2011

Adjustable beds…
Who has the greatest need for an adjustable bed? Often people with back
problems and diseases such as…spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis in the spine, or someone who’s had back surgery recently.
Of course, there could be any number of reasons you or I would need to use an adjustable bed. With the ability to change positions, these beds give maximum comfort, along with…hopefully…a great night’s sleep or daytime rest.
Although adjustable beds are an almost necessity in hospitals and other medical facilities, recently there has been a huge upsuge for many beds such as these in the home also.
The adjustable bed provides a reclining position normally around 30 to 45 degrees above level. The upper body position is higher than the lower body position with a little support under the knees for convenient bending of the knees. The bed should ideally provide sufficient support to the curves of the spine relieving body pressure through the night and day. This helps you to get up refreshed after a good night’s sleep.
Individual preference is of utmost importance when making a choice of adjustable beds and mattresses. There is no single predetermined quality or type. Ultimately, it is your choice and comfort. You have to decide which type of mattress offers you the best comfort and relief from joint pains and body aches.
However, a few simple guidelines can help you choose the ideal adjustable bed for your comfort. The base of such beds perform the main functions.
1. Choose a reputed company for the base, like Golden Technologies,Inc.
2. Additionally, check if the base has sealed motors, which offers easier maintenance and quietness.
3. Your bed should also have wheels for easy movement. These wheels will help if you need to move it for cleaning. Besides, wheels increase transportability, so you can move it to any room or from one place to another.
Choose adjustable beds offering technical support for easy assembling and disassembling. You may not always need to use the bed, so, if you have to dismantle and put it back together later, it won’t be so difficult.
Final point…always try to buy the best quality of adjustable bed you can affort. These beds will provide you with years of service and give you the great support and comfort.
Bottom line…how much is your comfort and a good night’s sleep worth to you?

Owner of Mr. Rougeaux has written various articles about mobility equipment and assistive living.

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