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From Hospital to Home: Choosing an Adjustable Bed – by Richard Stark

0 Comments 17 February 2011

In recent years, the adjustable bed has transitioned from the health care industry to the home and millions of users are reaping the benefits. Prices for high quality adjustable beds rival those of their traditional counterparts and offer many more benefits.

There are a variety of reasons to purchase an adjustable bed. The ability to independently raise the legs into a 30-45 degree angle, also known as the semi-fowler position, can often reduce stress in the lower back and improve circulation in the extremities. Many people just appreciate the ability to raise the mattress into a reclining position for watching T.V. or reading.


Adjustable beds are available in the same sizes as traditional beds with the exception of the king sizes. Rather than a single king size mattress, adjustable beds utilize two twin mattresses side by side to allow independent control for each of the users.


There are many features available to choose from. Some, such as battery backup and wired hand control, should be standard. Added features such as wireless controls and heat and massage can typically be added for an additional charge.

Consider the Sleep Surface

Once you have decided on the proper adjustable bed mattress and base, consider adding a topper made of Visco memory foam for additional comfort and support. Foam toppers made with Visco memory foam have the ability to conform to the curves of the body and allow pressure to be evenly distributed across your side and back rather than on the shoulders, hips, and knees.

Buying Used

As a rule, stay away from used adjustable beds and bases. The technology and materials have improved drastically over the last several years and chances are, a used bed will be inferior to a current model. Do not risk inheriting someone else’s problem to save a few dollars.

Keep these tips in mind and you will be resting peacefully on your own adjustable bed in no time.

Mobility expert and well rested adjustable bed owner.

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