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Adjustable Beds; Not Just For Hospitals – by Tyson J Stevenson

0 Comments 09 December 2010

People, those who have pain in their backs should be careful in choosing the type of adjustable bed and mattress for sleeping on.

There are a number of options to adjust these beds to different positions, this is why the name is “adjustable” bed. These beds are also known as Semi-Fowler beds,and can be operated manually as well as electrically.

Patients will get their ultimate comfort by using these adjustable beds. These adjustable beds also come with luxury foam mattresses.

· Functioning of Adjustable Beds

Sleeping on these adjustable beds may be more comfortable for the patients with different types of back problems, as the bed is slightly inclined to an angle of 30 to 45 degrees. In this case with the help of adjustable beds, the upper part of the body is positioned higher than the lower part when sitting in a recliner.

There is also some support under the knee which helps the knee to bend at a slight angle. With the help of this combination (i.e. the upper part of the body inclined at some angle and the support at the knee) helps a lot in relieving the stress off the lower back. This position of the bed provides support to the curves of the spine and thus the entire body feels to be relieved.

There are also different luxury foam mattresses for these adjustable beds. A Split-top foam mattress is one such type of luxury foam mattresses for adjustable beds, which allow people to adjust the head and feet according to the ultimate comfort of sleeping, independent of their sleep partner.

Nowadays there are also different electronically controlled adjustable beds available in the market, with the help of advanced technology and precision engineering. These types of electronic beds come with a full range of relaxing positions i.e. it allows the patients to position the bed easily in different position while reading, watching television, talking on phone and relaxing, which relieves their muscle strain. Patients can even control the adjustments of the bed with the help of remote controls.

· Benefits of adjustable beds

There are lots of benefits of using adjustable beds. Adjustable beds provide help not only to the patients but also to anyone who feels more comfortable in relaxing in an inclined position or while sitting on a recliner with his feet up rather than lying on an ordinary flat mattress.

People, those who have Degenerative spondylolisthesis, Osteoarthritis and Spinal stenosis, for them sleeping in a reclining position can make it easier to sleep comfortably all through the night.

If the patient feels that his or her night’s rest is being hampered by sleeping on an ordinary flat mattress and feels better to relax in a recliner that gives the ultimate comfort to the patient, then it is very important to consider the option of an adjustable bed. There are different types of bed or mattress’s that work for all patients with back problems.

The patient’s own choice of sleeping comfort helps in determining which type of bed or mattress will be the best and will relieve the pain or stiffness in the lower backbone.

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Adjustable Beads

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