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Adjustable Bed Mattresses Are Great For All People With A Bad Back – by Catherine Wehner

0 Comments 30 October 2010

All adjustable bed mattresses are made in modern, state-of-
the-art plants using advanced manufacturing techniques.
The same expensive parts and manufacturing methodology,
quality control and care used to manufacture high priced
adjustable hospital beds and dental chairs are used in the
construction of adjustable bed beds. Component parts are
carefully assembled and rigorously tested for long life and
The bed’s high-strength steel frame is protected from rust
and corrosion by dipping in non-toxic lead free enamel paint
and also the qualities of the adjustable bed mattresses. The
mattresses are constructed using a hot glue laminating
process. This technique is designed to prevent mattress
components from shifting and interfering with one another
during the thousands of flexes adjustable mattresses go
through during a lifetime of use.
The mattress has a 312 coil count spring (for Model 1
Full/Double size industry standard bed). The unit contains
312 five turn oil-tempered coil springs that are tied together
using a double-knotted tying process with oil-tempered steel
helical wire. The adjustable mattress is engineered to bend!
Next, a flexing insulator, polypropylene net, is placed over
this spring system to isolate it from adjoining layers. A
garneted synthetic fiber pad is placed on top of the flexing
insulator, then multiple layers of high quality non-allergenic
foam cushioning are added. Next a decorator cover of the
finest ticking available, a natural cotton & polyester blend
product produced to exacting adjustable standards is
attached. A hot glue laminating process is used to attach
the synthetic fiber pad, layers of foam and overlying ticking
in order to extend the life of the mattress and enhance
mattress comfort.
The adjustable bed mattresses construction techniques
result in a superb dual sided, reversible, dual-density mattress
– luxuriously firm with maximum support on one side, and a
plush/soft side with almost 2 additional inches of luxurious fill
materials including 1 1/2″ of specialized convoluted on the
other. All mattresses, regardless of the adjustable bed model
they are made for, meet adjustable demanding specifications
for comfort, shape retention and support.

Catherine has been a salesperson for a bedding store for the last 15 years and enjoys helping customers select the right products for maximum comfort and support. Come to to get free advice on evaluating mattresses and tips on how to pick the best mattress.

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