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Adjustable Bed Buying Guide

After years of sleeping on a traditional flat bed, you make the decision to look at an adjustable bed. Those television ads make an adjustable bed look pretty good but being a savvy consumer, you decide to some do some basic research. It does not take long for you to realize that there is more to buying a quality adjustable bed than meets the eye. The internet proves to be good resource but there are still some nagging questions about the ins and outs of making a smart purchase decision. While doing your research, one fact becomes clear. You quickly discover that a quality adjustable bed can be purchased for what you might expect to spend for a high quality mattress and box spring. That one fact alone is enough for you to dig a little deeper into the benefits of a quality adjustable bed. Adjustable Beds Are Mechanical Devices Choosing an adjustable bed is much the same as choosing a major appliance. Most mechanical devices have points at which motion and pressure creates wear surfaces. In order to functional properly. Motors, drive shafts and gears must all work together in a smooth motion, whether in a washing machine or an adjustable bed. Moving parts wear out through, normal use, manufacturing or design defects or lack of proper maintenance. So as with any mechanical device, the owner takes on a certain amount of responsibility. This usually entails following the manufacturers recommendations for routine maintenance and proper use. The manufacturer has a responsibility to produce a safe and reliable product. A reasonable and straightforward warranty can help out when these two interests collide. Sooner or later, your adjustable bed will require service. Some manufacturers have factory trained technicians available to service or repair your bed. Others may outsource this job to a third party. Quiet to a Point Anytime moving parts come together, noise can be generated. This is no less true when it comes to adjustable beds. The motors and rollers and other moving parts will make a certain amount of noise. This should be expected even in a quality adjustable bed and is not a cause for concern. The better the design and materials used in making your adjustable bed, the less noise it will generate. Every adjustable bed will make emit a certain level of noise. Tough wearing nylon and Delrin rollers and bushings are also quiet compared to steel or other materials. The electric motors used in adjustable beds should be permanently lubricated and sealed to keep out dust and other contaminants. You are in Control The controls of an adjustable bed should be easy to operate and easy to read. Many adjustable beds come with either a hard wired control pad or a wireless version. Since most of us sleep in the dark, it makes perfect sense to have a control pad that is properly backlit. The more options you buy, the more complicated the control pad can be. With added massage and heat functions, automatic programming and other options the control pad can get a little crowded. Safety First Imagine you are relaxing in your new adjustable bed. Your head and feet are raised, curled up watching your favorite television show and the lights go out. This would be a good time for a gravity operated release. A quality adjustable bed will automatically return to a flat position in the event of a loss of electrical power. Some manufacturers offer direct current DC drive motors that can operate on optional battery power in the event that your power fails. Make sure that the adjustable bed you choose is listed with the Underwriters Laboratory UL or the Canadian Standards Association.

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