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Adjustable Air Bed: Overview for Purchasing an Adjustable and Made-to-Order Air Bed – by

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Adjustable Air Bed: Overview for Purchasing an Adjustable and Made-to-Order Air Bed

Adjustable Air Bed: Overview for Purchasing an Adjustable and Made-to-Order Air Bed Other Articles | June 11, 2008 Considering purchasing an adjustable air bed? Well, keep reading for a full review of the top 4 national air bed manufacturers, including links to their website. The beds listed below are intended for everyday use and considered to be luxury models. If you’re looking for an adjustable air bed for your home, read on for an overview of the 4 most popular air bed manufacturers. Please note that these beds are designed for everyday home use and are not inflatable guest or camping beds. ComfortAire ComfortAire is the original air bed company, having first started manufacturing their patented customized air bed systems in 1981. All ComfortAire mattresses are complemented by the company’s patented WhisperFlo air control systems which suction air in and out of the mattress’ air chambers without making an excessive amount of noise. So, say goodbye to vacuum-loud air beds, and start relaxing with the whisper-quiet ComfortAire. Select Comfort Sleep Number Beds? The Sleep Number adjustable air bed system is probably the most well-known thanks to the manufacturer’s aggressive ad campaigns and over 475 retail locations across the United States and Canada. The bed’s major feature is that users can set a specific “sleep number” that designates their preferred firmness level. For example, if your husband prefers a soft bed while you prefer a firm one, you can both use a personal remote to control the firmness level on your own side of the bed, without affecting the comfort or sleep of the person next to you. The other major feature of the Sleep Number adjustable air bed is the 30-night, no-questions asked trial feature. Prospective buyers can actually try the bed out at home for 30 nights to decide if they like it. However, you will be responsible for shipping and handling costs on a return, so be prepared. The SAT Bed? The SAT (Self Adjusting Technology) Bed is a fairly revolutionary adjustable air bed that doesn’t use pumps, engines, motors or sensors. The SAT mattress is instead composed of hundreds of independent air chamber cylinders, each one equipped with a pressure relief valve. Each valve individually adjusts to the weight and shape of your body, taking pressure off vulnerable points on your body. As you move around the bed, the cylinders refill themselves, conforming to your body and providing support. Unfortunately, more air chambers often mean more points for potential leakage or problems. So, buyers of the SAT bed need to be aware of the possibility of increased maintenance. Habitat Furnishings Custom-Built Air Beds? Habitat Furnishings is a high-quality furniture manufacture that will make you a custom-ordered and custom-built adjustable air bed. They allow you to determine the materials you want to use, set your comfort levels and even order a custom, specialty size. And since the beds are made to order, they’re often significantly cheaper than the factory-made competition. Article Tags: Sleep Number

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