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The Advantages of Electric Stethoscopes – by Damian Sofsian

0 Comments 20 September 2010

One problem with standard acoustic stethoscopes is that they merely transmit sounds but do not amplify them. Doctors in busy, noisy hospitals and paramedics in moving vehicles often have trouble getting accurate readings from these stethoscopes. Electric stethoscopes are a new invention that amplifies internal body sounds allowing doctors to better hear and diagnose any irregularities.

Electric stethoscopes have several features that are useful in a number of medical settings. They can amplify sound, allowing doctors to hear faint sounds even in a loud environment. Electric stethoscopes can also be used to record sounds and play them back at varying speeds.

In loud environments such as busy hospitals and ambulances, the amplification of electric stethoscopes is extremely useful. Some electric stethoscopes can amplify sounds to 100 times their normal volume. Most electric stethoscopes have a microphone in the chestpiece that projects the sound to the earpieces at a louder volume. The amplification feature allows users to hear the internal sounds of a body through several layers of clothing, which is useful in situations in which paramedics must diagnose or treat patients without moving them. Many electric stethoscopes transmit the amplified sounds to high-end headphones that provide better sound quality than standard stethoscope earpieces.

Many electric stethoscopes can record the sounds they amplify. This is useful in case the doctor wants to get a second opinion on the sounds or confirm an earlier diagnosis. The recordings can be played back on sophisticated audio equipment for the best sound quality possible. Many electric stethoscopes can play the sounds back at either full speed or half speed. Often, the slower speed reveals details that may be hard to hear at full speed.

Electric stethoscopes are a recent invention and are not as common as standard acoustic stethoscopes. However, many analysts predict that electric stethoscopes will be used more widely than acoustic models within the next few years.

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