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Technology of electric scooters – by Dennis

0 Comments 18 September 2010

The trend of scooter is now changing because of the new technology of hybrid battery being introduced to the world. In fact the scooter technology is improving day by day. Earlier Italy was the first to introduce the conventional scooter with the technology of petrol engine. Then, an Indian company collaborated with Italian company and started manufacturing the scooters in India. Later on that Indian company started making their own brand of scooters by using its own technology and launched several models of scooters in the Indian market and that Indian company became the number one scooter selling company in the world. In those days the scooters were considered as the most economical and convenient vehicle especially for the middle class people all over the world.

Now, again there is a new revolution in the scooter market as new technology of hybrid electric battery has been adopted to make a scooter and these electric scooters have captured the scooter market all over the world conquering the petrol engine scooters. Considering the benefits of the electric scooter, people have started replacing their bicycle, petrol engine scooter and even motorbike with electric scooter. This has affected the growth and manufacturing of the other vehicle companies. In fact, many scooter manufacturing companies have closed down their units and also the number one scooter selling company of India has stopped manufacturing the scooters; are only manufacturing motor bikes.

The popularity of electric scooters is increasing day by day as they have evolved as growing need for a more practical vehicle to maneuver through heavy traffic and the continuing increase in gas and fuel prices. The electric scooter designed using latest intelligent technology – electric battery has come up as a weapon to fight the rising price of fuel. Those who have been preferring using traditional scooters and bicycles have inclined towards electric scooters as it gives the pleasure of riding their former motor scooter, since the body of the electric scooter is designed same as that of traditional motor scooter, but economical and noise free ride. The electric scooters are so light weight that even the conventional bicycle riders feel like riding their bicycles with more ease without pedaling and sweating. Moreover the electric scooters do not require pushing down hard kicks to start as in case of motor scooters, instead it can be started just by pressing the button. The traditional scooters may be used for local errands, but even than it would cost to the fuel, but in case of electric scooters, the local errands can be done at the cost much lower cost than the fuel cost of motor scooter. Moreover, the electric scooters are so compact that it can pass through the narrow space during the traffic jams.

If you’ve decided to buy one electric scooter, then you won’t have trouble finding where they are as the electric scooters are now also sold on the internet. Bernsonev E.V. is one such company which sells electric scooters online. You can visit their website: www.bernsonev.com where you can find all kinds and makes of electric scooters. Select the model which you think is best suitable and beneficial to you.

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