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Save the World with an Automobile Electric Car – by Frank Vanderlugt

0 Comments 15 September 2010

Ok, so an automobile electric car won’t solve all the world’s problems on its own, but it can help reduce CO2 emissions and dependence on fossil fuels, including foreign oil sources. More manufacturers have been focusing on the development of hybrid and electric cars over the last few years and kits can help you convert a regular automobile to an electric one if you wanted to go that route. With an electric car, you’ll be saving money and helping the environment at the same time.

Electric cars have a number of advantages that you should consider if you are debating between a regular automobile and an electric car. The obvious first advantage is that electric cars are better for the environment than gas fueled cars. You’ll be releasing few emissions into the air (in fact, all emissions from electric cars come from producing the electricity and not actually running the car.)

Another advantage is that many people like is that electric cars have fewer parts that need repair and with several batteries onboard plus an on-board generating device, you won’t have to worry about running out of fuel. Imagine having to spend less time at the repair shop or getting oil changes. You’ll also generally have enough power in a back up situation to get you somewhere safe, rather than having to wait for a tow truck along side the road.

Electric cars are also very efficient. Unlike regular fuel powered cars that need extra power to run at slower speeds or to take off from a dead stop, electric cars are at full, rated power regardless of the speed that you’re going. The cars generally do not need transmissions and even if they do have one, it operates very efficiently.

Regenerative braking on electric cars also means that you’ll recoup some of the power used to run your car when the wheels are moving on their own, such as when going downhill. The wheels are, in effect, sending power back to the car under this circumstance. This will help you save battery power and money over time.

Most electric cars will also end up saving you thousands of dollars each year. Although you may think that you need to spend a lot of money to get one, there are very reasonable models out there or you can convert a car that you already own. The savings will continue as you use the car.

Electric cars often use only around 50 cents a day when they are powered up each night. In addition, think about how much money you’ll save by not having to pay high gas prices every time you need to fill up the gas tank on a regular car. Over time, these savings add up to a pretty good amount, allowing you to save the money or spend it on other things.

Automobile electric cars aren’t for everyone right now, but they do offer some interesting and useful advantages for many people. If you haven’t considered one or are debating between one and a regular car, take a closer look at the many advantages offered by an electric car, including spending less money on gas and helping to save the world a little bit at a time.

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