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e-ElectricWheelchairs.com Clarifies Relationship Between Electric Wheelchairs and Medicare – by Kent Pinkerton

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According to e-ElectricWheelchairs.com, electric wheelchairs are very expensive and therefore, it can be a difficult decision whether to buy one. (PRWEB) October 15, 2005 — According to e-ElectricWheelchairs.com, electric wheelchairs are very expensive and therefore, it can be a difficult decision whether to buy one. However, Medicare usually covers up to 80% of the cost of electric wheelchairs. Any secondary insurance company will usually cover the rest. According to e-ElectricWheelchairs.com, to obtain Medicare for electric wheelchairs, certain criteria have to be met: 1. The person’;s condition is such that, a wheelchair or scooter is a must for mobility. 2. The person cannot operate a manual wheelchair, hence an electric wheelchair or an electric scooter is required. 3. The person is capable of safely operating the controls of a wheelchair or scooter. 4. The person can safely transfer in and out of a wheelchair or scooter. 5. The person has adequate trunk stability to safely ride a wheelchair or scooter. 6. The person has not purchased a wheelchair or scooter and obtained reimbursement for that purchase within the last five 5 years. 7. Medicare must be the primary insurance carrier for filing the initial claim with them. 8. If Medicare had covered the cost of a manual wheelchair previously, that chair should be returned to the company for claiming the cost of an electric wheelchair from Medicare. As e-ElectricWheelchairs.com explains, if all of these criteria are met, then the person seeking support from Medicare should provide a description of the functional limitations affecting the patient, which supports the medical necessity of the POV; patient diagnosis requiring the POV. This information must be furnished on letterhead or other documentation, which identifies the specialty of the ordering physician. The recommendation for a wheelchair for which reimbursement is requested needs to be ordered by a neurologist, orthopedic surgeon, rheumatologist, or rehabilitation medicine specialist. Medicare supports up to 80 percent of allowable charges however, reimbursement amounts vary from state to state. $100.00 is deductible yearly for Medicare’;s Part B. All Medicare claims are settled within 30 days. For guaranteed assurance, it is better to fill out a pre-approval form from Medicare. About e-electricwheelchairs.com Electric Wheelchairs provides detailed information about electric wheelchair lifts and scooters, used electric wheelchairs, electric indoor wheelchairs, Medicare, electric wheelchair reviews, and more. For more information go to http://www.e-electricwheelchairs.com and/or visit its sister site at http://www.net-scooters.com for related information.

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