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What’s New In Mobility Scooters? – by RC Rougeux

0 Comments 03 June 2010

Mobility scooters are great devices to allow you the freedom and independence you want! There are many reasons that you might want to use a mobility scooter. Typically, users find that they have some use of their legs, but prefer not to walk longer distances…perhaps because of a heart, lung, or arthritis issue, or any other number of medical issues. Or, perhaps it’s simply a convenience issue for you: it is very convenient to get around with a scooter, especially if you find that you have to carry things.
Mobility scooters are just the answer for your independence and convenience needs. Unlike a wheel chair, you are sitting upright in a chair and you steer with handlebars which allow you to control the speed and direction of your scooter. Rest assured that these scooters are very stable and won’t go so fast that you will feel like you’re in a race!
These scooters are excellent to use when you’re shopping because they often have a large base (where you keep your feet) with plenty of room left over for the week’s groceries or gifts for the grandchildren. There’s a front basket available on some models (if it doesn’t come with the scooter automatically, you can usually order one as an accessory) and often you can order back wire baskets as well. The end result? Plenty of storage space as you drive around!
These scooters are powered by battery packs which are recharged through your normal household outlets. Just plug them in when you’re not using your mobility scooter and you’ll have the batteries charged for when you’re ready to head out. Depending on the make, you may even find that you can get solar powered chargers so you can renew your batteries while you’re on the go. That’s convenient because it reduces the likelihood that you’ll get stranded while you are out and about.
Another great accessory to consider adding to your scooter is a canopy, which allows you to go out even in the rain or snow and not get wet! These canopies are lightweight and heavy duty and attach right to your scooter easily.
Aside from the scooter itself, there are many other accessories you may want to consider for your convenience and comfort. A lift, for example, is one critical thing you’ll want to get if you plan on putting your scooter into a vehicle for longer trips. You can get external lifts (which usually attach to a trailer hitch on the back of your vehicle) or internal lifts (which attach inside your vehicle. Some scooters easily disassemble and reassemble and will easily fit into the trunk of your car, but a lift lets it remain intact on the back of your car so it’s ready to go when you park.
Mobility scooters let you get where you need to go! They provide independence and comfort at an affordable price. Soon, you won’t have any trouble keeping up – or even passing – people who are walking down the street!

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