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What if Archie Bunker had a Lift Chair? – by Nicole Martins

0 Comments 28 May 2010

What if Archie Bunker had a Lift Chair?

Do you remember watching All in the Family and fixing your gaze at Archie Bunker hunkered down comfortably in his chair? One can only imagine that it was a comfortable chair. However, what the chair was not was a lift chair. Imagine the technological advances since that time. Today, if one has a hard time getting up: standing up from the seated position, a lift chair is a great option. And, many styles exist from lazy boy to European styling to slim-sized wing back lift chairs.

Lift Chair Features

It may be that Archie didn’t need a lift chair, however, many people do. Elderly folks and those suffering from mobility issues are perfect candidates. As mentioned, the purpose of using a lift chair is to help an individual get from the seated to the standing position.

Most lift chairs are designed like recliners and are available in 2 position, 3 position and infinite position chairs. Infinite position lift chairs are nice for taking a nap or sleeping as they will go completely flat like a bed. However, lift chairs get more expensive with more positions. This is also true of options and customization. You will spend more money for features such as heat and massage and custom upholstery. see:

Leading Lift Chair Manufacturers

Two of the leading lift chair manufacturers are Pride Mobility and Golden Technologies. Both make a number of state of the art mobility aids, and in this case, lead the way in lift chairs. Another company, Uplift Technologies, makes a discrete wing back lift chair. This chair is unique in that it is slim and perfect for small rooms. It is different from other lift chairs on the market in that it is not a recliner, and the lifting mechanism is solely in the seat.

Form and Function

Archie Bunker’s chair could be a lift chair in today’s world. Though not a particularly attractive chair, he loved it and it suited his needs. Lift chairs are the same. You can buy a chair suitable to your needs. For some people comfort is all that matters, others want furnishings that blend in beautifully with their décor. In either case, one can select a chair suitable to taste and needs!

Nicole Martins, a senior editor at writes regularly about mobility products. You can read more about lift chairs at:

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