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Walking aids – mobility scooters and rollators – by ken wilson

0 Comments 24 May 2010

At a certain time in our lives we all face mobility problems. We may have been in an accident, suffer from an illness or just plain old age. The reasons are numerous, but the problem is basically the same. Mobility issues make life harder for a number of people. People may have problems when they get up, sit down or just move around their homes.

For all those problems, there is a solution. Mobility aids help people with disabilities live their lives more comfortably in their environment. Nobody enjoys depending on someone else to move around the house. To some extent, the situation may even become embarrassing. This is why, for you problem, you should consider purchasing the right solution.

People who have been in an accident or old people have difficulties walking. Some may still have some use of their legs, but they require additional support. Now what would be the best solution for them? There are different types of walking aids, but not all of them are easy to use.

A walker is something common among people with this type of problems. You may have seen one yourself. It has a four feet aluminum support. For this piece of equipment to function properly it has to be lifted, after that you need to move it forward and place it back down. That is not the most convenient solution, but it does get the job done. There is however something much more efficient.

The rollator is something very similar to the walker. It works on the same basic principles, but it is a lot easier to use. It is equipped with wheels so you will not have to lift it in the air in order to move forward. Thus you will have less work to do and a regular walk around the neighborhood will not wear you out. A rollator has some additional features like a seat, basket, brakes and more. This is the best solution for comfortable movement when you have such a disability.

A rollator can be found with three and four wheels. The ones with three wheels are usually smaller and easier to use. Some people think that they even look better and are more stylish, but this is a subjective opinion. The four wheel model is larger, but provides greater stability. For people who live in rural areas or in places with lots of grass and dirt, the stability of the four wheel model may prove to be more helpful. The rollator with four wheels also has a larger bag.

When you purchase a rollator, you should always take under consideration its weight. The lighter it is, the easier it will be for its user to move around. People with disabilities are not exactly fans for carrying large loads. A rollator is more expensive than a walker, but paying the extra amount will make all the difference in the world.

Mobility scoters are also great equipment that can help people with difficulties in walking. They resemble, as the name points out, scooters, but have three or four wheels and run on electric motors that need to be recharged, therefore you need access to electricity. However, there are some things that need to be taken under consideration before purchasing mobility scooters.

For instance, as with the rollators, the type of mobility scooters must be according to your needs and environment. You can go for a model that is foldable in order to take it with you on trips. The number of wheels is also important, because three wheel mobility scooters are smaller, but four wheel models offer greater stability. It should also be adapted to the individual, considering the user’s weight.

There are lots of technological developments that are meant to help people with problems. Walking and mobility problems are common among people and solutions are provided by these developments. For walking it is always best to choose a rollator, but if you have very little or no leg use, mobility scooters always get the job done.

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