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The use for handicap bathroom aids – by Ken Wilson

0 Comments 13 May 2010

People with limited or no mobility need special care and attention and products designed especially for them which can make their lives easier and more comfortable. While performing routine activities, people with this sort of special needs encounter the same problems as the rest of us and they have to deal with them even if they are not as fortunate as we are. They could be facing a disability or a physical handicap or they could simply be older, but they all need to rely on mobility aids and sometimes also on handicap bathroom aids to get through the day.

We don’t pay much conscious thought to the fact that each morning we are able to get out of the bed and start walking around doing our daily practice, but for some of us moving can be a real challenge. Even if the physical condition of the disabled person could be only a temporary and mild injury, or a permanent and severe one, the situation of not being able to cope with simple intimate things is just as stressful. In any of these situations, mobility aids which are special needs products represent a real solution to significantly improve the life quality of a person with mobility issues.

Physical problems are usually caused by the fact that the muscles don’t work effectively or because of nerve damage. The brain’s impulses don’t reach the muscle intended to be moved. Accidents or injuries, diseases and aging can lead to limited mobility and even to no mobility at all, in some unfortunate cases. Mobility aids represent those devices that can offer support to the muscles which don’t efficiently work any more. Depending on a person’s disability, the type of mobility aids that can be used may vary.

First of all, in the case of a drop foot or a weak muscle group, a brace represents the answer, because it can offer the rigidity necessary for an ankle, a knee or a leg to support the rest of the body. Then, a cane or a crutch can offer light support in case of minimal mobility challenges and if a cane is not enough, a walker can offer assistance with balance. A wheelchair, a manual or an electric variety, can be the next choice if upright mobility is a challenge allowing mobility with considerable independence. Electric scooters or power-chairs have many of the same benefits of wheelchairs, but they are sometimes preferred due to their side-mounting flexibility. Some of the most important mobility aids in severe cases of disability are the transfer belts and boards that can assist transferring a disabled person from a chair, wheelchair or scooter to a bed, car or into the bath.

Another significant problem for the physically challenged people is another daily routine that becomes an exercise in frustration, the daily bath. In fact, people with mobility issues often see the bathroom as a room filled with traps. Most of us take for granted the simple pleasure of relaxing in a bath, yet for people with poor mobility this simple pleasure becomes a time-consuming, frustrating and physically taxing experience. This is the reason handicap bathroom aids were designed for, in order to help people with limited or no mobility to get in and out of the bath, to help with bathing or showering – all in all, to make bathing enjoyable again.

When getting in and out of the bath is a real struggle, there are some handicap bathroom aids that can be really helpful, such as steps, grab rails and poles, but it is recommanded that they are proffesionally fitted in order to be properly and safely installed. A lot easier to use are bath seats and boards that go across the width of the bath and allow sitting comfortably in the bath or shower. Other handicap bathroom aids that can become very helpfeul are the transfer benches that allow an easy transfer in and out of the bath. Handicap bathroom aids such as raised toilet seats, toilet frames and toilet rails can also be of real assistance in the bathroom.

There are a lot of daily living aids as well as bathroom mobility products that can be extremely useful to all those people that have a mobility issue or to their caregivers. Sometimes, for a disabled person, a simple task as going to bed or getting out of bed can become a real burden and stretch into minutes or hours. This is why mobility products and daily living aids are the solution for all those people who are forced to face their physical limitations. Mobility products and devices allow someone who needs help, to help himself/herself.

If getting around is a challenge, be assured that we can provide the best solution for you and search for the mobility aids you need on our site. If your daily bathroom is becoming a struggle, don’t hesitate to choose one of our handicap bathroom aids from our various offers.

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