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Freedom With Mobility Scooters – by Lyn Davis

0 Comments 24 November 2009

Mobility scooters can provide a great sense of freedom for those with physical challenges. There are many variations of mobility scooters available. The styles, colors, size and features vary greatly – to meet the needs of many different people. Popularity for scooters has grown in the past few years. Leading manufacturers include such names as Invacare, Pride,….. Advertising campaigns abound on television, print, radio, and billboards touting the convenience and benefits of various models of scooters.
When considering the purchase of a mobility scooter, there must be careful consideration of what the primary use of the scooter will be.
Will the scooter be used primarily indoors or outdoors?
What is the size and weight of the user of the scooter? The scooter should be matched to the size of the rider to assure that the rider will be able to easily handle the scooter.
The scooter must provide a comfortable ride, especially if the rider will be seated for a considerable amount of time.
Mobility scooters generally are much more compact and provide easier maneuverability than a power wheelchair. Scooters are more compact than power wheelchairs – usually the seat is either removable or it can be folded down. These foldable scooters are often referred to as travel scooters. They can be quickly folded down and placed in an average size car trunk. Many of the scooters can even be taken with you when you travel on an airline. If you plan on booking a fight, check with the airline to make sure of size or weight restrictions of taking your scooter with you.
Mobility scooters come in three wheeled or four wheeled models. Te three wheeled scooter provides more maneuverability, and often provides many convenient features, such as swivel seats, comfortable arm rests, and storage baskets. Make sure the scooter you choose can accommodate the weight of the rider; some of the more compact scooters may only accommodate a weight of 250 pounds or less. However there is a few that can accommodate larger individuals. Four wheeled mobility scooters usually provide more stability because of the wider wheel base – they may be best suitable for more rugged outdoor terrain. Some scooters have a distance range of as much as 25 miles. This distance can vary depending upon the weight of the rider as well as added weight of any other cargo.
RV owners may even find some of the lightweight two wheeled scooters will meet their needs, but the two wheeled models may not meet the needs of the some people.
Most places that sell mobility scooters will provide information and assistance in choosing a mobility scooter that will be best matched to the individual needs of the rider.

Lyn Davis is a freelance writer who enjoys Gardening, for more information on mobility scooters.

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