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Electric Wheelchairs Promote Mobility and Safeguard Independence – by Tom Sample

0 Comments 17 February 2010

With more and more people living longer and longer, the question of quality of life is a constant concern. Some older people choose to grab life by the horns and soak up every second. Others are simply unable to do so. Still others choose to let little things get in the way of living and then watch as these problems snowball to take away their mobility and independence. For those who want to enjoy life to the fullest, sometimes a little help is needed in the form of devices such as electric wheelchairs, walkers and so on.
Using a wheelchair is not something most elderly people relish. However, for those who enjoy a relative high quality of life, this implement can be a real lifesaver. There’s no reason for an older person to sit back and rock away the rest of their lives when so many devices are available to help them overcome the troubles that can go along with normal aging. Getting a wheelchair isn’t giving in to aging, it’s fighting back and saying the person refuses to give up mobility and independence.
If an electric wheelchair is needed for a person with limited or even no mobility, there are some things to look for. Not all wheelchairs will work for every person, so custom fitting is often in order. Before buying the first chair that’s found, consider these things:
* Weight. Some chairs are designed to be more comfortable for people of higher weights. A chair designed for a 120-pound person is not likely to work well for a 200-pound man. Look at manufacturer specifications for weight limits before buying.
* Ease of use. Electric wheelchairs are meant to be easy to use and deliver mobility to those who have lost it. But sometimes the consoles and controls are too complex for some users to handle. Match the features with the person who will be using the device. A wheelchair can be a blessing for returning independence to those with mobility issues, but if the person who needs it is afraid to use it, there’s no point in the purchase.
* Charging and battery life. If the person who needs the chair enjoys long strolls or outings, make sure the battery has a lifespan to suit. A chair that only stays powered for a few hours won’t do in this case. Also make certain there are extra battery packs available and that charging is simple to handle.
* Price. Many elderly people find themselves living on a tight budget. Make certain the chair chosen fits the budget, or better yet, is covered by an insurance plan if doctor’s orders have been given.
Getting older doesn’t have to mean giving up on living. Although some older people enjoy full mobility and good health, this isn’t the case for everyone. But with some smart purchases to help overcome the little bumps in the road aging presents, most people can enjoy life to the fullest even in their 80s, 90s and beyond. A good power wheelchair can give those who have limited or no mobility a new lease on life. Making the right purchase, however, is vital for the proposition.

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