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Disability Equipment Today – by Allen Maccey

0 Comments 31 January 2010

Disability equipment can be very beneficial in helping the disabled individual
to be confident despite their disability. This is significant because, unfortunately,
many disabled individuals may suffer from low self esteem as a result of impaired
mobility or other disabilities. Although these individuals may be highly intelligent,
attractive and friendly their disability may still cause self consciousness. Equipment
which minimizes the impact of the disability can help the individual to gain confidence
by giving them a sense of independence.
Those with limited mobility may be at an especially high risk for issues related
to a lack of confidence. The ability to get around is important because mobility
enables an individual to attend to simple tasks such as grocery shopping, banking,
visiting friends and even just getting out of bed and going to the bathroom
without the assistance of others. Individuals who have impaired mobility may
not be able to accomplish these tasks without the assistance of others. As a
result they may feel as though they are in some way inadequate.
Equipment such as wheelchairs, scooters and adjustable beds are just a few
of the items which can help those with limited mobility to feel more self confident
and independent. A wheelchair can be a very important piece of equipment for
an individual with impaired mobility. Some wheelchairs are designed specifically
for indoor use, others are designed specifically for outdoor use and still others
can be used both inside and outside. In selecting a wheelchair the individual
should carefully consider the purposes for which they will be using the wheelchair.
If the wheelchair will be used either exclusively indoors or outdoors it might
be worthwhile to invest in a wheelchair specifically for indoor or outdoor use.
However, if the individual anticipates using the wheelchair both indoors and
outdoors it might be worthwhile to either invest in two wheelchairs or to invest
in a versatile wheelchair which can be used in either location.
scooters can also be useful for those with limited mobility. These devices
allow the individual to enjoy activities such as wandering through the neighborhood,
shopping or visiting nearby friends. The ability to accomplish these simple
activities can have a profound effect on the self esteem of the individual.
beds can also be useful for those who are mobility impaired. Some individuals
may have some mobility but may be have difficulty with tasks such as getting
out of bed. An adjustable bed can be useful in this situation because it incline
and decline and also raise and lower depending on the needs of the individual.
Adjustable beds are beneficial for those who are permanently disabled but may
also be useful for those who are recovering from an injury or a surgery.
Those with hearing impairments may also benefit from the use of equipment designed
specifically for their disability. Hearing aids are beneficial because they
allow the individual to be included in conversations without the use of an interpreter.
This is important because many would likely feel as though they are a burden
if they required assistance to participate in a conversation.

Allen Maccey works and writes in Manchester and author for Disability and Health and Health Today

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