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Features To Consider When Choosing A Lift Chair – by Nye Morgan

0 Comments 13 January 2010

Lift chairs can be a boon to the elderly, infirm or disabled. Along with stair lifts and scooters they can do wonders for comfort, mobility and increased independence. Lift chairs can be relatively inexpensive but as with everything, the price you are prepared to pay will effect the number and the sophistication level of the features available.

It is well worthwhile to research the market and to be clear

a) what you need and
b) what you want your lift chair to do for you

as the answers to these questions will help you decide on the features that are most important to you.

You might wish to consider some or all of the following.

* Take into account your size. Height, weight, width.
* Seat depth & width required.
* Right hand or left hand controls.
* Specific accessories like heat or massage.
* Will you sleep in your lift chair?
* Do you want 2, 3 or infinite positions?
* How much time are you likely to spend in your chair?
* What size is your room?
* Do you want your chair bespoke or off the shelf?
* Do you want your chair to be static or mobile?
* Covered in fabric, vinyl or leather?
* How much can you afford and are grants or loans available?

Armed with this information you can make a sensible informed choice from the many available Lift Chair models.

Most lift chairs will work with weights up to 375-450lbs. A two position lift chair has a lift position and a slight recline position. As you recline in a two position lift chair your back & thighs will stay at about 90 degrees. They do not recline fully for sleeping.

A three position lift chair will recline fully. It gives a wider range of positions and many allow the user to position their feet above the heart.

Using the above check list should help you get what you want and aid your internet search for suitable lift chair companies.

Adam Bryant writes for Lift Chair Information, a lift chair information website.

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