Wheelchair Accessories: Getting Loaded – by David Faulkner

0 Comments 06 December 2009

Buying a wheelchair today is not very different from buying any other vehicle. There are basic “no frills” wheelchairs, which are perfectly capable of doing their jobs. Then there are the “loaded” wheelchairs, equipped with the buyer’s choices of the many wheelchair accessories choices now available to add remarkable levels of comfort and convenience to wheelchair use.

One of the big wheelchair comfort items is, of course, the seat cushion. A properly fitted and constructed seat cushion is one of the essential wheelchair accessories; a poorly designed seat cushion will exacerbate poor posture and can lead to pressure sores.

A good wheelchair seat cushion encourages correct posture, which is a must for those suffering from difficulty in swallowing or neuromuscular impairment. Correct posture also assists both circulation and respiration, so a well-designed seat cushion is one of the wheelchair accessories with multiple positive benefits.

Ramps And Lifts

Although almost all public buildings are now wheelchair accessible, there are still many structures which have not been similarly modified and very few private residences can accommodate wheelchairs. There are wheelchair accessories, however, like portable wheelchair ramps, which allow wheelchair users to provide their own entry into previously restricted areas. Portable wheelchair ramps are ideal for getting wheelchairs into and out of vehicles and upstairs.

A wheelchair lift, on the other hand, operates much like an elevator and lets wheelchair users move from one floor of a building to another. These hydraulic wheelchair accessories allow users to be mobile even the event of electrical outages. There are less expensive electrically powered wheelchair lifts as well; while comfortable, they require a secondary source of power to keep them operational in a power failure. Other wheelchair accessories include stair and vehicular lifts.

Other Accessories

While wheelchair ramps and lifts are available in a wide variety, there are other kinds of wheelchair accessories to help you customize your wheelchair to your personal needs. They include such items as wheelchair restraints, used to secure your chair while you are traveling in a vehicle; wheelchair mounts to accommodate your laptop or other items; adjustable controls which can be either hand or voice-activated; and wheelchair locks or covers.

There are more wheelchair accessories intended to improve the user’s comfort, including head and neck supports, back cushions, gloves, and protective elbow, leg, and arm padding. In short, there are as many wheelchair accessories bringing comfort, convenience, and safety to wheelchair users as there are upgrade packages for the world’s finest automobiles!

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