The Evolution Of The Manual Wheelchair – by Emmanuel Aubrey

0 Comments 25 November 2009

Some time ago people didn’t need much guidance in choosing a manual wheelchair. It only came in a standard design. The first wheelchairs were heavy and have dark-colored upholstery.

Now there’s a wide range of manual wheelchair models you can choose from, designed for a large variety of needs. The stainless-steel is no longer the single option; it can be replaced with aluminum, aeroplane aluminium, chrome, titanium or other lightweight materials.
Lightweight/Sport Wheelchairs

A lightweight chair is built of materials such as aluminum, titanium or chrome. Initially designed for sports use, the lightweight manual wheelchair then became a very popular everyday chair. The sporty look and the independence of movement it offered were highly appreciated by many users.

A lightweight manual wheelchair is appropriate for a user with good upper mobility. It shouldn’t be used by obese persons, because it has a lower weight capacity than a standard wheelchair. One of the highest quality lightweight chairs is the Breezy Wheelchair.
Standard Wheelchairs

A standard manual wheelchair has a cross-brace frame, a mid-to-high-level back, built-in or removable armrests and swing-away footrests. Some people still prefer this type of wheelchair.
Child/Junior Wheelchairs

These manual wheelchair models have to meet a child’s or teenager’s changing needs during the growing period. In addition, they have to be designed in a way to help kids overcome social difficulties. Such wheelchairs come in different colors and styles.
Specialty Wheelchairs

There are special chairs to meet a wide variety of lifestyles. Hemi chairs can be propelled using leg strength. There are also manual wheelchair models that can be propelled using only one hand and oversized chairs for obese people. Rugged wheelchairs are designed for outdoor activities. There are also aerodynamic racing chairs with three wheels and chairs who help handicapped persons be stood up.
Institutional/Nursing Home/Depot Wheelchairs

This manual wheelchair model is used to transport pacients in a hospital or nursing home. They are not designed for individual use.

Yet Their are some chairs that are made for individual use but are not powered by electric or gas but by human power, These chairs originated from the ancient times and have progressed slowly until now but you usally do not see them but for show.

In other countries elderly do not use wheel chairs but have other means of transportation ot are not move much at all, So I know im thankful we have them because i wouldnt want to sit in the house all day.

manual wheel chairs although not that great of an eyesight have come along way and are a very helpful tool.

Emmanuel Aubrey
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