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Initially, this type of wheelchairs were designed in order to be used in sports, such as tennis, basketball or roadracing. Later on it was discovered that a sport wheelchair can be used as an everyday chair.Sport chairs are also called lightweight wheelchairs or ultra-light chairs. They are manual, not power chairs.
Who can use lightweight wheelchairs?

These chairs may be used by people with a good upper-body mobility. However, there are some devices who help people with an upper extremity paralysis use a sport wheelchair as well. This model is not recommended for people who weigh more than 250 lbs. In spite of these precautions, lightweight chairs are often purchased by anyone who can use a manual wheelchair.
Design and material used

A sport wheelchair is ultra-light (only 19-30 lbs.). It is designed to withstand high speeds and quick changes of direction. This is why the materials used for the manufacturing of lightweight wheelchairs are aluminum, steel, titanium or chrome. Coverings such as plastics, spandex or vinyl are used for the seats.

The design of a sport wheelchair varies between the purpose it is used for. There are specialized lightweight wheelchairs, such as court, races, tennis, skiing, hand-cycle or beach chairs.
Sport Wheelchair Accessories

* belts – used to fix the athlete’s body in the wheelchair while performing.
* tote bags – attached to the sports wheelchair to keep water bottles
* back supports
* pushing gloves

Purchasing Sport Wheelchairs

There are many things to consider when buying a sports wheelchair, such as the user needs, the price or the brand. The most famous brands are Invacare, Colours and Quickie.

If you want to search for a sports wheelchair over the Internet here is a listing of websites that you can use:

* Spinlife
* Sportaid
* Wheelchairs

When Purchasing a wheelchair that will be used in a sporting event you should check the durability and the life expetancy it should come with at least a one year warranty. It should be tested to make sure you can properly move around in it for your advantage in the game.

Even If you dont play sports a sport wheelchair can sometimes be better quality then a regular manual wheelchair and often times lighter.

Also if you use a wheeled chair you may want to join a sport group to keep you it better shape plus it great fun and a good environment.

Emmanuel Aubrey
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