The 10 Key Steps to Buying a Stair Chair Lift – by Bob Harvey

0 Comments 24 November 2009

The 10 Key Steps to Buying Stairlifts

1) Determine if the stairlift user has the physical ability to be able to get into the seat of a stairlift.

2) Review your stair dimensions to confirm there is sufficient room to accommodate a stairlift

3) Determine if a straight stairlift will fit your needs or is a custom curved stairlift required.

4) Research the different manufacturers.

5) Confirm which stairlift model best suites the specific stairlift user height and weight and best fits your stair measurements.

6) Weigh the pros and cons of a self installed option.

7) Receive installed stairlift prices from local companies.

8) Research the local stairlift installer reputation.

9) Schedule the stairlift installation.

10) Receive an on site demonstration of the stairlift showing safety features, common service issues and features of the stairlift.

Bob Harvey is founder and CEO of SILVER CROSS. The mandate
of SILVER CROSS is to find the end user a lower cost alternative
to stair lift needs. Recycled stair chair lifts are sourced
though an international network of prescreened affiliates.

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