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New Mobility Products Enhance Lives: New Web Site Launched as Resource for Mobility Products – by Steven Hunter

0 Comments 25 November 2009

A new web site launched as a clearing house for mobility Products information ‘You Can Be Mobile’ is the new information resource to help sort out the confusion over Mobility products (PRWEB) September 29, 2005 — In recent years personal mobility has become big business, and like many other markets there are unscrupulous marketers out there using it to bilk the public out of literally millions of dollars each and every year. These dishonest or less then reputable sellers of inadequate and sometimes unsafe products have given the industry a black eye, and short of even more drastic Government regulations, it’s a mark that may remain for quite some time. Even so, that does not lessen the legitimate need in our society for persons with impairments or disabilities to be mobile. Herein demonstrates the urgent need to be well informed before an equipment purchase. Expensive advertising and slick sales pitches don’t necessarily mean quality products, no matter what the ads might say. Often time’s outstanding products are not as well advertised as products of higher quality and greater value to the consumer, for many reasons. When to purchase a new power chair, electric scooter or wheel chair can run into the thousands of dollars, and continue to carry cost after the sale such as scheduled maintenance, service and repair, making the right choice is not something to be taken lightly. Often a company will price a moderate or even high quality product at a price that seems very attractive to the customer. But what isn’t stated with great clarity is what the true cost of upkeep will be in coming months and years that the products remain in service. Many times because of cleverly hidden, high maintenance costs, the company selling the product will double or triple the cost of ownership. Make sure that all the details of maintenance costs are up front, in writing in the original sales contract. Don’t be fooled into buying a low priced quality item only to find out later that it has stings attached. Things to consider when purchasing a new mobility product might include these: – Does the company have a local service? How long will it take to get service if a products fails to perform, or needs repair? – Is the company upfront in volunteering information about the cost of maintenance, or is it a subject that is swept under the rug. Be cautious of companies that don’t outline completely service related costs, especially for electric mobility products – Be suspect of over anxious sales persons. Never be rushed into a sale. Reputable companies are in the business for the long haul, and one day, more or less will not make or break the company. On the other side of the same coin, service should be personal. If the company doesn’t seem to be able to give prompt friendly, personal service prior to the sale, this might be an indicator of what things to come might be like as well. – Do a close inspection of the product before purchase. If personal inspection is not practical, find a trusted person with at least some mechanical ability to inspect and report on the equipment or product. Never take at face value company claims of quality and durability. When it comes to mobility products, too much plastic should be a red flag. – Check out the company with the Better Business Bureau, to many complaints registered against a company might be a reason to consider looking elsewhere. In the same respect be cautious of companies that are not listed or do not have a Better Business Bureau history, they may be very new, with little information from which to judge by. Although there is no cut and dried, tried and true method to precisely gauge which product is the best or proper for a particular use, being informed is the best weapon against product misrepresentations and false claims. The new web site” You Can Be Mobile” at is a place to find information, a place to become well informed before buying any mobility product. Informative articles and links to manufacturers and reputable vendors can be found, helping to clear away the misinformation that is abundant today. Good information and sound thinking are what is required to make wise choices when it comes to purchasing any type of mobility product, be it power chairs, electric scooters, or wheelchairs of any sort. Visit for more informative articles

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