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The wheelchair is the most widespread mobility device ever invented. Its purpose is to help people with serious mobility problems move from one place to another. There are many types of wheelchairs, manual or automated, everything is available today. Rollators or rolling walkers are also very common mobility devices and can be of great aid. A rollator is actually a walker with tires and is very easy to use because it can be pushed instead of being lifted. If you are looking for a quality wheelchair or maybe a rollator, at you will find all types of mobility devices at the lowest prices.

Since the wheelchair was first invented in the year 1783, it has constantly been improved to meet the user’s every needs. The basic wheelchair is made up of a seat, a backrest, two small front wheels, two large wheels on the sides and a foot rest. All wheelchairs are based on this standard design. However, there are many highly customized models to fit the user’s personal needs. At you will find a wide variety of models, from wheelchairs to rollators, everything’s available.

There are two main types of wheelchairs: manual wheelchairs and powerchairs. A manual wheelchair only requires human power to move whereas a powerchair is operated by means of a joystick or controller. There are three main types of manual wheelchairs: self-propelled, attendant-propelled and wheelbase. The self-propelled wheelchairs are moved by pushing the handrims which are circular tubing placed on the exterior of the large rear wheels. The occupant has control of the chair’s movement and can manually propel the mobility device in any direction he chooses. The attendant-propelled wheelchairs are constructed to be propelled by another person. The attendant uses the handles to push the chair into a certain direction. These wheelchairs usually have rimless back wheels which are also much smaller than those of a basic wheelchair. The main use of these chairs is to transfer patients within a hospital. Wheelbase chairs are designed to be used by occupants with a more complicated posture. They are in fact wheeled platforms with customized seating systems. The seating system is customized by taking a cast of the occupant’s best achievable seating position and forming a plastic mesh around it. The seat is then framed and attached to a wheelbase in order for the chair to be complete.

Rollators are very similar to the classic walkers only they are equipped with tires for better maneuverability. They combine the adjustable height of a standard walking frame with small wheels. Although these types of walkers are equipped with wheels, the user still has to do all the work. The rollator’s user controls the pace and direction of the movement. A rollator supports and stabilizes the movement of a certain person who needs aid in order to go from one place to another. Rollators are ideal for those who are able to stand up on their own but need a little help with their balance and endurance. When considering purchasing a rollator you should fundament your choice on four important factors: your height, your weight, your special limitations and your stability level. There are three types of rollators depending on the user’s height: petit, medium and tall. When making a choice you should also rule out any rollator not sturdy enough to resist your weight. The last step is to carefully compare all available features and options in order to make the best choice. At there are many different types to choose from so you won’t have to worry about not finding the right rollator for you.

People who have certain mobility problems can find a mobility device to be very helpful. Wheelchairs are the most common mobility devices and are especially used by those who can’t stand up on their own. Rollators are also very popular and are usually used by people who can stand up but need some support. At you will find mobility devices at a very good price.

If you are looking to buy a mobility device you should first determine what your specific needs are. There are many types of wheelchairs and rollators available today. You can choose between a manual wheelchair or a powerchair. For more information visit our website.

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