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Choosing the Right Equipment Is Essential

The correct equipment will make a big difference to a disabled person in helping him or her to live independently in the home. Before buying a disabled stairlift, the disabled person is well advised to get advice from a specialist and to try out the equipment before purchasing it. It is essential to purchase what is right for the disabled person and that too, at the right price. Often, due to ill-health, old age or disability one is unable to ascend or descend stairs and will thus require a disabled stairlift that should give back the freedom of access to a disabled person. This may necessitate purchasing the disabled stairlift from a specialist firm and solution provider, and obtaining impartial advice should help decide on which type of disabled stairlift is most suitable.

Some of the desired features of a disabled stairlift include unique fire response system, call stations, generous vision panels, in-car lowering, in-car telephone and over speed governors. There will also be need for special grab handles and special controls that will provide additional safety features for the disabled persons.

There are special disabled stairlifts made that can be used with wheelchairs and are designed for safety, flexibility as well as independence, and with advanced design features, one can get even more benefits. There are different modes that can take seated, standard as well as large wheelchairs up to three meters in height and even three and a half meters up. With free-standing tracks, there is no need of a load-bearing wall and so allows greater choice in where to locate the disabled stairlift. It would also have fixed internal ramp that provides a gentle incline and makes accessibility easier. The car does not take much room and allows for increased space outside the lift for maneuvering a wheelchair.

The disabled stairlifts may also have multi-handed doors and controls that can be fitted to either left or right, and with clever designing, it is possible to even change both controls and doors from left to right and vice versa. To provide the disabled person with even more independence, there can also be provision for powered doors, which is mostly an optional feature. Valuable information on stair lifts can be found at

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