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A mobility scooter can improve your life. – by ken wilson

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For some people walking is difficult or even impossible due to a serious illness, injury or disability. Mobility devices to help people who can’t walk by themselves are dated as early as the year 1595. That was the year when King Phillip II of Spain was first seen using a device resembling the modern wheelchair. Ever since then many types of wheelchairs and other mobility devices were developed to help people regain their mobility. The mobility scooter for instance is similar to a wheelchair but it is in fact configured like a motor scooter. At you will find a wide variety of wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

A common wheelchair is a mobility device in which a person sits in order to go from one place to another. There are various methods in which a wheelchair can be propelled. Usually, wheelchairs are propelled either manually or automatically. The earliest record of a device resembling a wheelchair is in 1595, in Spain. The first proper wheelchair however is considered to have been invented in Germany. In the year 1665, a German watch maker named Stephan Farfler conceived a device which looked more like a modern handcycle. In 1783, John Dawson from England developed the first real wheelchair. Dawson’s model was self propelled by pushing the wheels. The chair also had adjustable leg rests and reclining backrest. The modern wheelchair however was developed in the 19th and 20th centuries. This is when wooden wheels became obsolete and push rims for self-propulsion were first introduced. The first motorized wheelchair was created in 1918 and the first folding wheelchair arrived in 1933. Since then, continuous developments have been made for an increase in comfort and reliability.

Wheelchairs come in many variations of the standard design and are usually highly customized to best fit the user’s specific needs. There are various features which can be added to the basic design and also many customizing options depending on certain requirements. The user can customize the seat size, footrests, seat to floor height, front caster outriggers, backrests, controls and many more features. Some users even have the entire wheelchair custom-built to meet their special needs. Optional features and accessories are also available. For instance, safety belts, anti-tip bars or recline features can be added to most models. Special devices like walkers, oxygen tanks and clothing protectors can also be included. Electric wheelchairs can be operated even by a simple joystick and can have complete freedom of movement.

A mobility scooter is often referred to as a power operated scooter or electric scooter. It consists of a seat placed over two rear wheels, a flat area and handlebars to turn the front wheels. Some models only have one front wheel. Mobility scooters are powered by an onboard battery. The battery can be charged by an onboard or separate charger unit. Nowadays the electric-powered mobility scooters have the highest popularity, as gasoline-powered models are rapidly being replaced. A mobility scooter can provide important advantages to people with mobility problems. It can be very helpful to people with systemic or whole-body disabling conditions that are still able to stand, sit upright, control the steering wheel and even walk a few steps. Persons who have lost their stamina or arm flexibility can also benefit from using a mobility scooter as they couldn’t use a manual wheelchair. Another advantage to using mobility scooters is that they do not have the appearance of a wheelchair. A mobility scooter is also us
ually more affordable than an electric wheelchair and is easier to obtain from an insurer or health care agency.

There are many types of devices which help people with mobility problems lead an easier life. Wheelchairs still remain the most popular mobility devices in the world today. A mobility scooter however can also be a good solution to a number of problems. At you will find a wide variety of mobility devices to meet all needs.

Since it was first invented, the wheelchair has constantly been developed to simplify the life of people who have mobility problems. Wheelchairs come in many shapes and sizes and with various optional features. Visit our website for more information about the mobility scooter and much more.

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