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For many people all around the world walking became a serious problem because of some disease, injury or disability. Mobility devices, such as the transport wheelchair, exist to help people who can’t walk without a certain amount of support. Wheelchairs are dated as early as the year 1595, when they were first used by a King of Spain. Ever since, many types of wheelchairs have been developed in order to help people with their various mobility problems. The transport chair remains the most popular mobility device, and can be found in many variations to suit one person’s specific needs. At improvelife.com you will find a wide variety of transport wheelchairs.

A transport wheelchair is a common mobility device used by people with certain illnesses or disabilities in order to move from one place to another. Wheelchairs are most often propelled either manually or automatically. The earliest wheelchairs were obviously propelled by manual power, electric wheelchairs being developed only in the 20th century. The first real transport chair was developed in England, in the year 1783, by a so-called John Dawson. This initial model was self propelled by pushing the large rear wheels. The earliest motorized wheelchair was developed in 1918 and has been since the subject of continuous improvements. Nowadays you can find almost any type of transport wheelchair you can think of, depending on your personal needs. Customized wheelchairs are also available and are designed to fit one person’s body precisely and offer great comfort. At improvelife.com you can find any type of transport chair you want at a very convenient price.

The basic transport wheelchair is considered to be the manually propelled chair, with two large rear wheels, two smaller wheels, a classic seat, a footrest and rear handles. These manual wheelchairs are still used on very large scale all around the world. The advantages to these basic transport chairs are that they represent very practical solutions and aren’t expensive. There are three main categories of manual wheelchairs: the self-propelled chairs, the attendant-propelled chairs and wheelbase. Each category has a different use, depending on the particular situation or disability of the user. For instance, the attendant-propelled wheelchairs are usually used in hospitals and other medical facilities, to transport the patients.

Nowadays, electric wheelchairs are becoming more and more popular because of the high level of comfort and special features they provide. The electric wheelchairs are usually used by those who have great difficulties in using a manual transport chair model. For instance, people with arm or shoulder disabilities would have a very hard time using a manual wheelchair. There are many variations of electric wheelchairs to choose from. Some models are very similar to the classic manual chairs while others resemble small automobiles. The latter are equipped with a steering wheel and have four wheels for better maneuverability. Some people think that power chairs are large and heavy; this is not necessarily true. These types of wheelchairs can even be as light as a manual chair and very easy to fold and transport. Electric wheelchairs can be specially designed even according to the environment they are going to be used in the most. Therefore, there are both outdoor and indoor use electric wheelchairs available for purchasing. Many special features can be added to a power chair in order to simplify control and increase comfort. The seat can be specially modified, the control joystick customized and special accessories added for all kinds of particular situations.

In today’s world, there are many types of mobility devices which aid people with certain mobility difficulties in leading a normal life. The transport wheelchair still remains the most popular mobility device anywhere in the world. A transport chair can even be customized to fit one’s particular needs, no matter what they are. At improvelife.com you will find a wide variety of mobility devices to meet all of your demands.

All around the world, many people face various mobility problems which make going from one place to another very difficult. A transport wheelchair can be the best solution and comes in many different variations. Find out more about purchasing a transport chair by visiting our website.

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